Dabbers & Carb Caps

Before you can dab, you're going to need a dabber tool. The dabber is used to pick up concentrates and put them on your heated nail. Dabbers can have different heads, including spoons, picks and spatulas. These different heads are for different forms of concentrate (shatter, wax, etc). The carb is a dome that you put over your nail to hold in vapor. Some dabbers have carb cap heads as well. Make sure to find the dabber and carb cap that best suits your dabbing needs.

To properly use concentrates, dabbers are completely necessary. If you could not guess, the process of adding the actual dabs to the heated nail is pretty important so you can't just use any old household object to transport them. A pen or pencil could very easily melt or contaminate your goods, which can affect the taste of your concentrates. Considering dabs are all about potency and flavor, you do not want dabbers getting in the way of a good dabbing session. If anything dabbers should help you have an enjoyable one and assist you whenever and wherever they can.

One way dabbers can make your dabbing experience better are the different styles and points available. As we mentioned earlier, dabbers can come with various ends including but not limited to picks, spoons, spatulas, curved, rounded, and flat. Dabbers with a hooked or spoon end are suited best for oils and more loose concentrates. The spoon can help you not spill when transferring dabs to your dab nail. Pick, spatula, and flat dabbers are meant for waxes and thicker concentrates as they are able to break off parts of the dab to be prepared. Pick from numerous styles of dabbers to fit whatever you are dabbing with. Some dabbers, like the Jumbo "Cookie Cutter" Titanium Dabber from Santa Cruz Shredder, are double-sided so you can have two different styles for ultimate dabbing options. The Jumbo "Cookie Cutter" Titanium Dabber has a rounded ball at one end and a very unique "cookie cutter" design on the other, which does exactly what its name suggests. It can take little sections out of your shatter or other concentrate for consistent sizing.

Some dabbers even come with carb caps directly connected. This proves to be extremely helpful, as everyone who dabs should have dabbers and carb caps readily available for their dab rigs. Combining dabbers and carb caps just makes dabbing easier. Carb caps are often a forgotten but congealing asset to any dabbers arsenal. Before carb caps became popular, which is pretty recent, people would hold their finger over the opening of the dome and nail. This crude way of keeping in vapor is obviously not fool proof. Carb Caps hold in your vapor, not allowing any to escape or be wasted.

Low temperature dabs are the best way to utilize your concentrates. It prevents any excess burning and produces the best possible flavors. Carb caps allow for these much safer hits in general to become possible. If you prefer your dab rigs to produce milky, thick hits, you should invest in carb caps. You can pick up a simpler, cheaper option like the 3mm Quartz Carb Cap that fits nicely on a banger nail or go for something more elaborate like the Detachable Titanium Carb Cap/Dabber from Dank Tools. As we mentioned earlier, sometimes the best option is to combine your dabbers and carb caps into one piece. The best part about the Detachable Titanium Carb Cap/Dabber is that it disconnects so you can separate the two tools if you so choose to.

If you want something unique, check out our selection of themed glass and specially designed dabbers. The Tea Pot Dabber/Carb Cap is an adorable combo tool that resembles a child's toy. In reality it has everything you need to properly apply dabs and protect your vapor. The spout of the Tea Pot Dabber/Carb Cap from Empire Glassworks works as the dabber. When wanting to cap your domeless nail, place the Tea Pot Dabber/Carb Cap on top as the flat base will hold in your vapor. If you thought that was cute you should check out the rest of our selection, including the Mini Sushi Narwhal Dabber.

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