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Freezable Smoking Gear

Chilling with glycerin

Blazing up was never more chill

Paraphernalia is the unsung hero of the cannabis world and freezable smoke wares are a perfect example why! The head shop industry started with literally nothing but underground goods and survived years of potential punishment just to innovate cool new tools!

Of course, the idea of cooling smoke before inhaling goes all the way back to the dawn of civilization! That’s why choosing the best new take on cool cannabis, like glycerin, gives you a ton of different options. Let this Dankstop Guide take you into the cold world of weed.

Why we cool smoke

There are a lot of reasons why so many smokers prefer chill hits whether packing bowls or slurping up fat slabs of dabs. First and foremost is the heat; the hotter the smoke (~300º+ after water filtration, 400º+ in a hand pipe) the harsher the hit.

Because chilling smoke condenses water molecules, many feel chilling hits helps avoid the cough zone. Like your warm breath hitting a cold morning, that condensation means you pack more herb in a smaller hit. So, chilling weed can get you more high.

The air in your lungs contains water molecules that condense to water droplets (or even ice crystals) if the air outside your body is colder. The opposite is also true- breathing in colder condensed air expands in your lungs, if you were to hold it in for a minute. Otherwise, no cough.

How we cool smoke

The smoke you get from a joint starts with a 500º+F butane lighter. The cherry of a bowl or doobie is about 450º which cools as the smoke is drawn. The pipe length of the draw affects the heat of the hit, so pipes with a longer stem hit cooler than shorter models.

Length of the pipe is the first way to affect the cool of cannabis. But, water has been used to chill weed even further since the dawn of time. Excavated treasure troves from ancient civilizations are filled with bongs of all kinds, so our ancestors obviously liked cooler smoke too.

Innovative pipe designs also add to the cooling factor of vapor and smoke. Paraphernalia has exploded in the last decade because of technology and artistry. Everything from ice catches to dimple technology to freezable glycerin-filled smoke wares now improve an ancient practice.
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Glass gets crowded

Great glass is the main reason we have such cool smoking and dabbing tools. Borosilicate withstands temperature extremes from the freezer to the fire, perfect for pipes and other hot sesh gear, including smoke-cooling glycerin coils and pipes. Great torch work gives you such great choices!

Freezable glycerin pipes and bong add ons are also a result of an exploding industry that innovates with old favorites like glycerin! Not only does this gel-like substance have cool colors, but it also holds its cool incredibly well for extreme smoke heat reduction, hit after hit.

With great glass work, there’s now a lot of glycerin-filled hand pipes, bongs, rigs and accessories. Glycerin gear just needs a hollow area to hold the gel which doesn’t interact with the smoke except to surround the coil that distributes it on a long path, condensing water vapor.

What is glycerin

Glycerin is a natural occurring carbohydrate which is also artificially produced. It’s a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally through fermentation or through processing of fats and oils. Glycerin, or glycerol, is safe and widely used in food, drink and other consumables.

Many vaporizer cartridge formulas use vegetable glycerin as part of the base. It has a perfect viscosity and flavor to aid in fluid cannabinoid delivery. But, freezable glycerin gear isn’t using this gel because of its taste but for its cooling. Smoke never touches glycerin, but feels its chill.

Glycerin, like glass, chills fast to subzero temperatures without freezing or degrading in quality. Glycerin also holds cold temperatures much longer than the chill of ice without melting away (or breathing in ice shards!) and messing with your bong’s water levels.

Why glycerin is used

Glycerin is actually a sweet substance being a carb, even sweeter than sugar! But it never affects the taste of your weed in a glycerin filled pipe or coil because it’s completely contained. So, great glass artists create hollow chambers surrounding the smoke’s path.

Glycerin is able to withstand freezing and still absorb all that cold. In much less time than ice takes to freeze, glycerin absorbs the same amount of cold. It releases this energy slowly, staying cold much longer than ice lasts and without the mess.

Glycerin coils are often built into the neck of bongs and dab rigs. You can also find glycerin coils as add-on parts to turn any matching sized bong into a chill ripper. Smoke and dab vapor is forced through the chill, condensing the hit for smooth, milky clouds without the cough.

Using glycerin with dabs

Remember- concentrates are already condensed and chill perfectly with a small dab rig and minimal amounts of water to avoid wastage. Most dabbers feel the balance is just right without chilling with glycerin.

When oil vapor is run through a long coil, the vapor condenses a lot in the coil, much more so than with flower smoke.

How to use a glycerin coil

Modular design for easy use

Using a glycerine coil is as simple as fitting a bowl or a nail to a water pipe. The modular designs come with special clips to hold pieces together with an airtight seal. You can use glycerin smoke wares as long as you want as long as there’s freezer space.

Glycerin coils are fully chilled in two to four hours depending on the size. You can tell a glycerine pipe or coil is ready when the bubble trapped in the gel moves v e r y   s  l  o  w  l  y, at a literal snail’s pace on a chilly day.

Assembling any modular parts is as simple as sliding male into female and securing with a clip. Other modular pipes like spoons and bubblers are just one piece, no assembly required. An aftermarket coil is added right at the joint of your water pipe, no clip needed. Other

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Glycerin for herb

Chill pipes

Coils come built into many modular water pipes. It’s easier to remove the coil to save space in the freezer. Also, NEVER a good idea to freeze your bong or rig, with or without water! No point to it either, with glycerin coils and bongs with bases and bowls surrounded by the stuff.

There are also a wide range of glycerin pipes that dramatically improve unfiltered smoking. Sometimes a glass spoon pipe is much more convenient than a foot-long beaker bong. You see a bit more creativity with glycerin too, the smaller the smoking tool.

For dry herb, glycerin chills spoon pipes, chillums, bubblers, bongs, bowls and coils. You can find them in all shapes and glycerin colors, many have glitter and other sparkling things inside that move like a thickened snow globe.

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Glycerin for oil

Chill dab straws

For the dedicated oilhead, glycerin filled chambers and coils should be used sparingly. The more vapor condenses (and remember- concentrates are already condensed), the more it sticks to the inside of the piece, potentially wasting precious oil, and even more intense dabs.

Since vapor is already condensed, cooling it further really makes for a powerful punch. That’s why you will find glycerin coils cooling off modular dab pipes like nectar collectors, the same as you find with herb spoon pipes, as well as dab tools that handle fat slabs even more easily.

The only considerable drawback to condensing smoke and dabs is the ‘sticky’ factor. The more water molecules condense, the stickier oil vapor becomes. With a coil setup, this can make cleaning up a little longer of a process.

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Taking care of glycerin gear

Cleaning cold glass gear

The cooling benefits of glycerin when it comes to smoking and dabbing weed far outweigh this primary problem. With a little maintenance, glycerin smoking gear can last for years, chilling hits indefinitely, because of the way they are made.

Borosilicate glass is great for weed gear because it also cleans up easily. Using an herbal glass cleaner, isopropyl and/or rock salt solution, most glycerin smoke wares will soak clean. With the case of 710 chilling tools, it may take an additional soak, but nothing too strenuous.

Glycerin pipes, coils and bowls are usually made to fit easily into the freezer (it’s still a good idea to have a dedicated space in the chill zone for easy handling). So, this usually means they can be submerged in a fairly small space, like a plastic container or a locking freezer bag.

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Future of frozen

Cold on ice

It seems there will always be an audience for the cold side of weed. Anytime you can deliver subzero surroundings for air, it will dramatically cool smoke and vapor before they can hit the mouthpiece, condensing any water particles in the mix.

Condensing smoke and vapor means smaller hits yield more powerful results. Theoretically, that could stretch your stash and ultimately save you money in the long run. But chill hits are more of a comfort thing, a way to improve that which is already awesome!

Who knows what’s next? A freezable Puffco Peak attachment maybe? How about a slushie steamroller or dry herb vaporizer attachments? As the world of weed pipes grows smaller in size for low temp dabs and terpene love, cold will undoubtedly be included.

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