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The world of weed has made huge leaps in quality and the Best Cannabis Storage Containers 2021Dankstop guide shows that the paraphernalia world is keeping pace. But, before you slap out your cash, you should consider your stash! With the variety of quality weed storage containers available, this is your best resource!

Smell proof weed containers come in all sizes and are useful to every smoker. So, whether you're stuffing flower into pre-rolls, hitting blunts or ripping on bongs,  vapes, doing dabs- whatever- there's a lot of competition for your cash. And, more competition means better prices, better selection and better quality!

Top 5 Weed Storage Containers

One reason there are so many weed stash containers available is because of the materials used. There are soft plastic storage solutions and updated glass jars to start. And, airtight seals are also available with wood, metal, hard plastic cases and even smell-proof travel bags. No matter your budget, there is an airtight storage solution to meet your needs.

With the different choices of materials, sizes and uses, finding the best solution for your needs could take a lot of time. But, fear not intrepid bud busters, this Dankstop guide has done the research for you! These Top 5 Weed Storage Containers 2021 represent the best stash containers available to save you time and money while saving your weed from losing potency.

5. Medtainer

by The Medtainer

2-in-1 Stash Container / Weed Grinder

The durability of hard plastic makes the Medtainer 2-in-1 storage and grinder system possible. With thoughtful design and strong material, the grinder shreds dried flower easily with just a few twists of the wrists and keeps it safe with a locking top.

Great design is why the Medtainer is such a deal for the money. The container itself is three parts- an outer shell that acts as grinder with spiked shredding teeth on the base of the outer storage container and the under side of the inner container.

These innovative storage containers for weed have come a long way in the past couple of years. This extra large version shows off some of the Medtainer's finer points. Whether vaping herb, loading a bowl or rolling a joint, this container's great.

The two container pieces slide easily together for a great weed grinder and the finger grips make it easier to twist. Well designed locking mechanisms keep the lid on tight. Great design and materials give the Medtainer a Dankstop guides #5 nod.

$ 24.99

4. The Happy Pouch

by The Happy Kit

Smell proof storage made to move

Transporting weed discreetly is what The Happy Pouch is all about. With its smell-proof liner and other design elements, this is a perfect personal size stash bag. This weed container comes with everything you need to power up the party!

This smell proof travel bag (just one of many) protects everything inside with durable, tight-weave nylon material, lined with a smell proof barrier. The Happy Pouch also has a combination lock that secures the bag from easy opening using the zipper handles!

Inside the Happy Pouch you have a 4-piece herb grinder with kief collector, a plastic storage container, a doob tube, one-hitter and poker and rolling papers. So, so matter if you're sparking a bowl or twisting one up, The Happy Pouch has got you covered!

This all-in-one collection of essential smoker tools is why the Happy Pouch gets a Top 5 Weed Storage Containers 2021 Dankstop guides' nod.

$ 40.00

3. Evak Airtight Stash Jar

by Prepara

Weed in, air out

Glass is definitely a preferred choice when storing weed. It's shatterproof borosilicate and the two-valve system is also made to last. The handle is ergonomic, sleek as hell and super simple to use and the jar comes in several select sizes!

The Evak Airtight Stash Jar is so simple and easy to use, but it's incredibly effective. There are no levers or buttons to push, just a lid that you simply push into the glass container. Weed in, air out. Once set, you can use the handle to carry the jar because that seal is seriously set.

That airtight seal comes from an innovative two valve airflow system. This 'weed in, air out' glass jar was made possible by a small group of product designers, graphic designers, engineers, interface experts and a successful Kickstarter campaign!

As one of Dankstop's Top 5 Weed Storage Containers 2021 picks, it's obvious we luuurv this modern update to the great airtight and smell proof glass jar. It's so simple and it works, because air is the enemy when it comes to freshness. The Evak eliminates the air problem altogether.

Comes in 8, 28, 50 and 80 gram sizes (and looks great next to a 14mm glass bong!). Leave it to weed to finally make America go metric. But the USA is also all about going big, like our next pick...

$ 24.49

2. Boulder Case

by Boulder Case

Hard shell case, soft inside

When it comes to airtight, dust proof, crush proof and waterproof protection that's good enough for glass (and your stash), you need the hard shell Boulder Case. It features stainless steel hinge and latch pins for reliable strength and wear. There are a variety of sizes too, but the tough 3500 series can tote the whole sesh.

Inside this durable, high impact, ABS plastic hard case container are soft, form fitted foam inserts. Different Boulder cases come with different setups, some with die-cut holes to store different size pieces and tools. You can easily protect bong bowls and dab rig bangers off the joint, in a compartmentalized storage solution.

It's got nearly 8 inches by four inches by three and one-half inches of protected space inside. It's perfect for a funky little rig that's worth its own case (and have space for everything else)! There are some cool color options too which is another benefit of ABS plastic.

Your stash and glass are worth protecting and the Boulder Case series of hard shell containers are military grade! That's good, since they are USA made! As a Top 5 Weed Storage Containers 2021, Dankstop offers the Boulder series our salute (cough cough)!

$ 39.99

1. C-Vault Metal Containers

by CVault

A marijuana humidor

And finally- our number 1 Top 5 Weed Storage Containers 2021 brings it all home in a shiny package! CVault Metal Containers are beautiful, strong and made to be a humidor for weed. To Dankstop, these products represent the best weed storage container!

What sets the CVault apart from others is a focus on moisture control which is critical to fresh stash. Controlling humidity is key, you see, when selecting the best protection for weed! Each container has a platform for Boveda humidity control packets which are included with your purchase.

The CVault Metal Containers  come in different sizes to meet your needs, but each one shares some common traits. These stash containers all feature durable, food grade stainless steel. It's shock resistant and incredibly durable even when thin!

The shape of the CVault is another reason this can wins best in show. It holds its shape forever no matter what the size. That shape and design make this metal weed container ideal for an airtight fit while holding a lot of cannabis. It's short and wide making it ideal to stash under a couch, seat or bed.

$ 39.99

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