Cool Carb Caps

Cool Carb Caps

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Dab heat capture cool

Capturing the best in dabs means keeping the heat with uncommonly cool carb caps! The best banger nails and this premium buddy dab gear are definitely in a ‘dro’mance and true oilheads know a personalized piece of glass feels right in hand, even when small like a carb cap.

Like the clever lids we wear on our own heads like fancy hood ornaments, carb caps come in a wide range of styles, colors, materials and other options to sit pretty atop that nail. So, choosing the best carb cap is all down to personal taste (and doing the critical research is always fun).

Come along with this Dankstop Guide to incredible carb caps to make your choice a little easier! We’ll look at a little cool history of the carb cap, how they work, all about low temp dabs and different types of carb caps from the simple to the fantastic!

Why use carb caps

Carb caps had to wait for the right kind of nail. One of the earliest forms of dabbing was called ‘hot knifing.’ Two metal knives are heated by stove top or torch until glowing red hot, then a glob of bud, resin or hash was pressed between the two, sucked into a funnel (usually made from a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off). The results were intense.

Dabs would not be denied and as paraphernalia progressed, nails changed to sit atop a water pipe to become a dab rig. Titanium nails were the next big progression, designed to endure red hot dabs, often exceeding 1,000º F. The emphasis was on complete, flash vaporization. Problem was, everything tasted the same- burnt.

Dabs have flavor because terpenes, the compounds that create different plant smells, are also captured in the concentrate extraction. To savor the flavor of individual varieties of weed, concentrate nails moved more to glass or quartz. These 'bangers' held heat better than metal allowing for lower temp dabs.

Once the carb cap was discovered, the game would change again.

Inventing the carb cap

In 2013, dabs got real with the invention of carb caps, the ultimate way to retain nail heat and efficiently vape oil puddles away. Before that, domed nails became an early design in glass, a good way to retain heat. YouTuber and cofounder of the dab accessory company Highly Educated, Task Rok, realized you could carb a domed nail, controlling heat with his finger over the dome’s opening, and the airflow intake, just like a car’s carburetor.

The next thing you know, the first carb cap designs were being sketched on the back of cardboard boxes (hey- when inspiration strikes, you use any tools you can!). They were announced on TR's Instagram and a month later, the first real carb caps were for sale!

Highly Educated started with improving upon the titanium nail but with quartz nails and glass carb caps, whole new doors opened up to low temp dabs. Glass blowers had been creating hand pipes for years from borosilicate and now they would get the same chance to show artistic flair with carb caps.

How carb caps work

With an ordinary Ti nail, dabs are pulled through as soon as they hit that hot metal to avoid waste. It’s the same with glass, ceramic or quartz banger nails too, without a carb cap. Heat and vapor are being lost immediately.

With a carb cap, suction is created as the heat is contained, lowering pressure and the temperature required for the oil to boil. So, lower temp dabs are possible with pressure. As long as there’s an airtight fit for lower temp hits, rotating the cap gets the oil spread completely.

Suddenly, dabs became all about flavor. Potency is also arguably better with lower temp dabs because it releases all the goodness without such destructive heat and lets you use less product for more mileage, conserving your stash!

Different types of carb caps

A carb cap only has one criteria- that it covers the top of your banger nail completely. So, there are different sizes, shapes and designs to match your nail’s width and depth. Carb caps are made of metal like steel or titanium or can be plain glass, opaque or clear.

Let’s look at plain carb caps and directional airflow carb caps of all kinds, from disks to bulbous shapes to cool, artistic glass sculpture. There are simple and intricate glass carb caps in any shape or design imaginable, and some of these get pretty funky!

Nails w/ built-in carb caps

AiO dab rig gear

Before we jump into all the cool carb cap options, it should be noted that some nails have built in or permanently attached carb caps. With the materials needed to withstand constant hot temperatures, built-in carb caps are often high end titanium nails like those from Honeybee Herb.

Once the nail is the right temperature and loaded with fat slabs, drop or lift the cap with an easy flip. There’s no losing or breaking this carb cap as it’s built with high end materials right down to the hinges.

Carb caps are part of lower temp, precision dabbing, and many oilheads like total heat control. You can use a dab timer or thermometer to get your torch time just right!

$ 32.00

Plain carb caps

Capping dab nail heat easily

With the only criteria being able to cover a hole, plain carb caps can be made of anything really. There are metal carb caps made of titanium or steel, often with built-in dab tools that can also like a handle. Most plain caps are made of glass though, in all colors and shapes too.

It’s in the hands of glass masters where carb caps come to life most. Being able to mold any color, size, shape or design means anything is possible.

From rubber duckies to melting lollipops or just a flat slab of glass to hold the heat, plain carb caps are easy to work with, easy to clean and effective for low temp tastes. These caps don’t allow for easy airflow control, though, so you have to lift/rotate them just right before you rip.
$ 6.99

Bubble carb caps

Glass balloon dab cap

One of the most common shapes for carb caps is the familiar round bubble. This bulbous design is a natural fit for the common round banger. Made from durable boro glass at the hands of skilled torch work artisans, you’ll see these carb caps for all sizes of bangers.

Bubble carb caps, like other glass work, can feature a wide array of colors and styles of design even though the shape is set. You’ll see plain colors of every shade, worked tie dye designs twisting psychedelically 'round and colorful inset glass berry patterns.

The bubble carb cap is the perfect shape provided by nature. The center is a natural flow for directing air and the round shape makes rotating the bubble in the banger easy, channeling air to move that oil.
$ 9.99

Puffco Peak carb caps

Capping dab nail heat easily

We can’t talk about carb caps without mentioning the Puffco Peak. As the most popular e-rig on the market, it’s drawn a lot of aftermarket attention too, as in custom carb caps. Empire Glassworks shows up a lot in these lists of great glass because of their artistry. EG  sets the pace for innovative design.

The artisans at EG create recurring pieces like a ripe pineapple, a little bottle of Srirathcha or a a split ‘Avoca’dope’ for the Peak to keep the heat in style. These carb caps give you airflow control and express your dope vibe all the more!

The Puffco Peak carb caps get a top nod because these things are hot! You can find the same pieces for regular banger nails too (and more) because of beautiful glass sculpting that captures a recurring theme.
$ 30.00

Funny carb caps

Bring a smile to your dabs

Glass artists obviously have a sense of humor from the funny carb caps they create. Of course, oilheads everywhere also like a good laugh too, so personalizing their dab rig gear can bring the smile to your stoner face.

You can choose from Zen Kitty waving ‘high,’ the eternally grumpy Kirkseeks bubble carb cap or the interdimensional rabble rousing Mister Rick and his puffy lips screaming for more! And, the best part of funny carb caps is, there’s always something new!

Channeling air through these popular carb caps works through the funnel bottom and the hole in the top of their heads. It’s like having a funny little buddy there with every rip, keeping space for you by holding the hat.

$ 34.99

UV carb caps

Dabs by black light glow

Ripping in the dark can be all the rave with a sweet line of UV reactive carb caps. This special glass glows brightly in black light, so the healing crystals carb cap has multi colored minerals glowing, under UV party light, like neon rods in the night.

Glass artists know what a flowing jellyfish looks like when it’s glowing under black light. You can also go with the alien-steering, tractor-beaming, UFO Martian carb cap, giving an otherworldly glow when you catch it in the right UV light.

Boro is once again the material of choice when it comes to UV glass because the glowing chemical is part of the glass itself, not just a coating or sticker. It also holds the sweet shapes and fine details that set these tough glass pieces apart.
$ 39.99

Themed carb caps

Sets the dab rig scene

Themed carb caps capture a certain moment at a certain place in time. Whether it’s a bite of food or a seasonal favorite like the Christmas Tree carb cap, the torch wizards at companies like Hemper and Empire Glass make themed carb caps great!

There’s a special place in the Dankstop Guide's heart for themed carb caps because of the huge selection! Food, nature and other fun themes mean you can find the Sriratcha and Avaca’dope’ pieces, the same as for the Puffco Peak, but there’s so much more, even without the cool UV lineup!

There’s a short stack of pancakes dripping with syrup or a nice bite of shrimp sushi. Empire Glassworks is also popular for its wide range of nature themes like the flowering lotus blossom for a serene scene and a pretty pink cactus flower too.
$ 29.99

Channel carb caps

Dabs by black light glow

Finally, one last innovative take on the directional airflow carb cap lets you stay hands free. When using moving parts like terppearls or capsules, channeling air is even handier, safer too. Splashing hot oil and human skin is a bad combination, so taking your hand away as much as possible is completely cool!

This flat, glass disk captures heat but allows just the right amount of air in as you rip. Etched patterns in the glass act as inlets when resting flat on the nail so a steady stream of rotating air removes all pools of goo for dabs done right!

Again, it’s borosilicate and glass design and manufacturing mastery that keeps the cannabis world innovating. This Mandala Disk carb cap is a great channel between yesterday and today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
$ 29.99