Father's Day Gift Guide - 2021

Father's Day

Gift Guide


Say ‘dank you’ to Dad

If you are lucky enough to have a Dad who loves the dank, this Father’s Day Dankstop Buyer’s Guide gives you the best weed accessories to mark the day. He may be big on herb, oil or CBD and we’ve got the best for all three!

Of course, just saying herb, oil or CBD, leaves a big open shopping cart! Considering how robust and diverse the paraphernalia industry has become, there’s a plethora of products from which to choose.

So if dad does dabs, we’ll talk about all kinds of dab rigs from monster glass to silicone straws and beyond. If papa prefers to puff, we’ve got rolling gear, hand pipes and bongs too. And for CBD we could say topical or tincture and more. Whatever dad needs, we got it in store!

“I like to tell Dad jokes but I don’t have kids.
I’m a faux pa.”


Around the house

Weed themed deco

Dads enjoy creature comforts, especially out in their man caves. While no one may ever know all the cool stuff out there in his lair, your dank daddy will appreciate your high regards with a chill card and maybe a handy smoker’s tool like a strong magnetic ashtray.

In its moment to shine, the Dankstop 3D Cannabis Leaf Lamp will also be most warmly welcomed on Father’s Day. It not only looks incredibly cool with the lights off, a glowing pot leaf seemingly hovering in midair, but it also spreads the word, ‘Dad’s a great bud.’

For a bud in the morning, look no further than the popular coffee mug pipes! What better way for Pop to start his day than a stiff cup of joe with a wake and bake chaser! Tell Dad how highly you respect him with a sweet ceramic coffee mug pipe, the gift that lives!

$ 17.99

“Remember- mountains aren’t funny,
they’re hill areas.”

RYO supplies

Motor madness

If Dad rolls his own or likes to stuff cones, he’ll love the huge assortment of herb grinders to make each sesh best. Hearty motors bring the Wakit Easy Tap Grinder and its ball bearing whip to life and vibrate ground weed through a dispenser in the Cloudious9 Tectonic9 grinder.

If pops likes to stuff a cone, you can always give him prerolls, but those gifts are up in smoke quickly. A tool that lasts is what Dads are all about and the High Roller All-in-One Grinder is perfect. Portable, powerful and easy to use, just drop in a cone and give it a grind.

When Dad's a rolling stone, an extra special gift like a cool glass rolling tray, lasts forever. Made of durable borosilicate, these tough trays can last Dad a lifetime and every time he twists one up, he’ll think of you. Don’t forget filter tips and Doob Tubes too!

$ 52.99

Hand pipes

For Father's Day, the hand pipes section is the most robust group of products for Dad, because of all the selection! The best hand pipes to your Dad may be glass, metal, wood, stone or even silicone. There are colorful Sherlocks, classic spoon pipes and custom kits like dugouts too.

Glass pipes

Classic spoons to heady art

The most diverse hand pipes are easily made of glass. The ability to craft unique artwork means making any kind of shape. We’ve got you covered whether Dad loves lobster claws or ray guns, hockey pucks, a good game of golf or even funny foods like the banana novelty glass pipes.

There are also classic spoon pipes with beautifully worked glass, stunning Sherlocks that stand tall and proud. The glass pipe for the Father’s Day win comes with a spirit all its own in the Tree of Souls glass UV pipe and other pieces from Empire Glassworks which feature good causes

$ 120.00


Dad's pocket secret

It’s a cool pocket tool that comes in a variety of materials and styles too. A good dugout will last forever from solid construction whether it’s exotic wood like cocobolo, domestic like Canadian Maple or durable silicone for a waterproof solution.

Silicone can also be used for dabs on the go, the Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout can be Dad’s spare can of oil, always ready to go. The silicone dugout has four compartments for waxy solids and the nectar collector dab straw inside is a silicone body, a quartz tip and a titanium nail too!

$ 19.99

“What time did the man go to the dentist?
Tooth hurt-y.”

Silicone Pipes

Best of all worlds
Modern silicone is also a great vessel for a hand pipe. The Weedgets Maze Pipe uses silicone for durable modular body parts that weaves smoke across a cooling path before Dad tokes it in, so it’s easier on the lungs. Silicone lasts forever and is easy to clean too.

Silicone is resilient because of extreme temperature handling from -100º to 500º+ which is perfect for pipes. It works well with other materials too, like the steel pipe insides and the aluminum bowl. It creates a modular pipe that separates and cleans easily.

$ 69.00

Genius pipes

A better mouth trap

This is more than an expression when it comes to this innovative hand pipe. It features a super sleek modular design, so you can mix and match parts from other Genius pipes too! Super strong magnets hold everything together and dimple technology inside delivers cool hits.

Genius pipes were revolutionary when they came out because of their filtration and cooling in a hand pipe. It was the start of a new design era in paraphernalia because there are a lot of pipes that try to match this cooling.

$ 89.95

“Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?
Great food, no atmosphere.”


Paraphernalia that has come a long way in a short time is weed vaporizers for both 420 and 710 seshes. And, today’s selections make vaping more convenient and/or powerful than ever. There are small palm sized vapes and great big table top models. So which is right for dad?

Fortunately, all vapes use warming to release cannabinoids and not combustive, so they are a good choice for the older crowd as many do not want to start smoking. Vapes also let Dad savor the flavor of tasty terps and flavanoids.

Dry herb vaporizers

Warm weed for Dad

The best dry herb vaporizers cater to the user. If your dabbin' Dad is on the go a lot, you’ll want to see handheld vapes like the Storz and Bickel Mighty with its powerful body and masculine frame. If he’s always in the mancave, a tabletop vaporizer might be the better way to go!

The world of dry herb vapes has come a long way in the last 10 years. Once a mystery, vaporizing is now commonplace for a reason. There’s no combustion, just warm vapor. So, whether it’s a palm sized or tabletop, all you should get is tasty terps and cannabinoids.

$ 349.00

Oil vaporizers

Wax pens and oil vapes

Improved battery power and heating elements makes dab vapes or oil pens ideal for the dabbin’ dads. There are powerful pens like the Puffco Plus Vision for waxy solids or you can choose a 510-style battery that fits standard carts for concentrates based in liquid.

Battery technology has come a long way in the last five years. Todays’ oil vapes and wax pens can rip! When choosing your vape battery for carts, check out the specs on the battery to see how long it will last. A portable option should have a powerful battery.

$ 120.00

“Last night, I had a dream that I was a muffler.
I woke up exhausted.”


Before we go further we should talk about accessories, one of the most important being storage. It’s the one thing all weed smokers have in common- you have to keep your herb or oil good to go and protected from the elements.

But smoking accessories can include so much more like herb grinders and rolling trays. There’s also gear for oilheads like dabbers and even cool multi tools too. These gadgets Dad will love for Father’s Day whether it’s for 420 or 710 seshes.

Wood storage boxes

Storage Jars

Glass jar upgrades

Glass jars upgrades are the most common form of weed storage like the X Re-Stash jar which has a coating around the glass to protect from UV rays and an airtight composite lid. The Re-Stash was designed to work with a 2.5" inch weed grinder on top!

Other storage containers include ceramic which is also fashioned into clever designs like animals, mushrooms or grenades. You can get key chain stash containers for Dad’s emergency bud, and cool magnetic metal pods too.

On the silicone side, Dankstop Silicone Slicks are the perfect size for a dab sesh. For an upgraded oil storage option, check out the Ooze Honey Pot Silicone container for multiple compartments or their mashup silicone and glass Geode dab container.

$ 24.99

“I was going to tell you a joke about construction.
But I’m still working on it.”


Shredded weed wonders

For non-motorized grinders with high end kief collectors, the Pre Royal grinders look good, grind perfectly and are made to last tools. There’s also the 9-piece Kannastor GR8TR Jar Grinder for window views. For a cool grind on the go, Dads love covert card grinders for the wallet too.

There are lots of other great herb grinders if Dad is a purist. The motorized versions are not the common 3-piece or 4-piece grinder with kief collectors. You can browse our full selection of the best herb grindershere.

$ 88.99

Dabbing tools

Dad's dabs done right

There’s no getting Dad a dab rig and then not getting the other goods including dabbers, silicone mats and torch lighters. There’s also the Thick Ass Glass Cleaning Reservoir, great for saving oil and holding hot bangers.

Silicone is a must because tools like the Oil Slick Pad and the pair of Duo mats are just the tip of the sticky stuff when it comes to oil handling. And unless you get Dad an e-rig (that’s coming too!), you will need a powerful butane lighter like the premium Big Buddy Refillable Torch.

$ 39.99

“How many apples grow on a tree?
All of them.”

Rolling trays

Rolling trays for Dad

High end rolling trays made of glass are great, but not for every Dad. There are also glorious metal and wooden trays too that have just as much flash and color as the borosilicate models. You can find all kinds of designs from retro game controls to an electric Tesla and bud.

There are also flip trays from RAW that has segments for different jobs. Then, when you're done, the magnetic grips that let you 'flip' pieces around also hold it tightly closed.

The best thing about today’s rolling trays is the strength of the materials used. Whether you’re going with a wooden tray that has a slick, printed surface or a metal tray made of durable and magnetic stainless steel, smokers can have the perfect tool for the mancave.

$ 30.00

Multi tools

Be prepared for the party

Multi tools in the smoking world are getting more popular because Dads who love good smoking gear love gadgets. And, to ensure Dad is big at the party, give him the The Rook, Party Multi Tool that’s a shareable bowlwith screw cap, brew shotgunner and universal DB cap.

Dad will know what to do with any multi tool you give him for Father’s Day. They love to play with new things, and multi tools are more than one thing to play with, so much love.

$ 29.00

“Don’t trust atoms.
They make up everything!”

Water Pipes

It’s finally time for the big kids to shine with a wide selection of water pipes. Whether you’re doing a little bubbler sesh, gearing up a dab rig for 710 or a bong for bud, there are great tools Dad will love. These water pipes stand above the rest, they are the best of the best.


A little water bud

This is the little kid of the water pipe family as most are smaller than your smallest bong. Bubblers are meant to hold just enough water to cool that smoke before Dad inhales and are small enough to clean easily and stash away.

Bubblers can be made of ceramic, silicone or high end glass like the Rocky Fumed Hammer Style Bubbler. This hand-blown glass piece is unique, although they all share the beautiful metallic coloring and hammer style bubbler shape.

$ 23.99


Be prepared for the party

We want Dad to have the cleanest rips possible and bongs fill the bill! Check out “Puff” the Glass Dragon Bong or a little wonder like the Flying V Mini! Bongs intricate and sturdy are both solid with durable tempered glass.

There are many bongs Dad will love if he’s a flower man. All bongs basically do the same thing too. But, FTW on father’s day- it has to be the big daddy one love of them all, the Marley Natural Walnut Wood Accented bong!

$ 204.99

“A burglar stole all our lamps.
I should be upset, but I’m delighted!”

Dab rigs

Dab hammer for Dad

On the smaller side, dab rigs like the Chief Mini Rig Kit are more about flavor than anything else. Since there is less to filter than with herb, the waster in a rig needs to just be enough to take the heat out of the hit while letting Father savor the flavors.

For Dads who dab, the most choice selection has a steampunk feel but a modern design. The best borosilicate beauty, FTW, is the “HAMR” All-in-One Dab Rig from Myster. It’s a modular setup that’s sleek looking and easy to clean with everything you need but the oil.

$ 179.99


Torch free rips

We’ve talked a lot about modern design improvements as well as tech upgrades like more powerful batteries. Bring everything together in one product and you get an e-rig. There are many on the market that are powerful, portable and a perfect gift for Pops if he’s a dab hand.

There are models small to large when it comes to e-rigs, but the most popular right now is the Puffco Peak. It’s incredibly powerful, has a quick-charging battery and hits like a torched nail with the simple press of a button. Goodbye torch lighters!

$ 189.99

Father’s Day smoking gear fun

Dads often go out of their way for the whole family, but it’s the kids who get all the unknown benefits. So, this year, you can provide an abide for the provider of your family, honoring your dank Daddy with the smoking gear he needs.

Whether he rolls his own or stuffs a cone, loads a bowl in a Sherlock or bong, rips up wax with an oilhead’s hand, or just takes CBD for the best body he can have, take care of Dad. He’s taken care of you. So, load a bowl and let dank Daddy know you love him this Father’s Day.