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At Dankstop, we see thousands of products every year. We try to carry those which are a value to our customers and a profit to us. So, Best Dab Rigs 2021 means selection, because there’s more than one best way to dab (spoiler- there’s 10!).
Whether we’re scoping out trade shows, reviewing samples from vendors or even designing our own line of dab gear, Dankstop gives you the best of the best. Whether you’re dabbing at a home or in a UV rave glow, we’ve got the right rig for you.

What is a dab rig?

The classic dab rig was a bong converted by adding a nail. Titanium was a popular choice when people blazed their nail red hot, up to 1000ºF because of durability. Today, dabbing has gone more for flavor and so much lower temps are preferred and that means different kinds of nails.

For the purposes of the Best Dab Rigs 2021 from Dankstop Reviews, the only real criteria to classify as a rig is a water pipe with some kind of nail. That means we won’t be looking at nectar straws or hand pipes for dabs, although there are some great options without water.

Today, let’s take a look at different kinds of dab rigs. From the smallest to the largest, the cheapest to the most spectacular, we’ll break down dab rigs by category. These are the differences for which most people search.

Different kinds of dab rigs

The best dab rig for you depends on your needs, your stash and usually your cash. And that’s category number one- Best Cheap Dab Rig. Other than that, ‘Best of’ usually implies it’s quality FTW which includes design, build, value for the money and more. Read on to see what's in store

The Dankstop Reviews Best Dab Rigs 2021 will also show Best e-Nail, Best Mini Rig, Best Novelty Rig, Best Travel Rig, Best Silicone Rig, Best Dab Rig Kit, Best Value Dab Rig, Best e-Rig, Best Recycler Rig, Prettiest Dab Rig, Best Colorful Rig, Best Themed Rig  and Best Damn Rig Overall.

Your best rig depends on your needs. Are you home or out more? What types of dabs do you like to do? Are you new to dabbing? How much money do you have? The list goes on, so make sure you consider your options for today and tomorrow.

Best Mini Rig

Tiny terp twister

For many oilheads, dabs are all about flavor. Lower temps let you taste the terps and get a full spectrum of cannabinoids. Also, with concentrates, many think the smaller the rig the better. It avoids pulling rips through too much water, wasting oil congealed on the sides.

Speaking of flavor, the best material is glass for several reasons. It handles heat well, is easy to clean, never interferes with flavor and let’s you see the action inside. Plus, there’s a ton of minis made just for tasty terpenes, like our Best Mini Rig pick.

Our choice like this Raked Blue Mini Bong. It’s got just enough twerk from the perc to cool your hit without wasting a bit. This turbine perc creates a cool spinning show too. It’s extra thick 3mm glass and has a premium quartz banger for the best mini rig at Dankstop!

$ 59.99
by DankStop

Best Novelty Rig

Globular dab rig

The most fun dab rigs are artistically captured in great torch work. In an artisan’s hands, you can get any shape and color you want. Some of these dab rigs are better than others just by way of design. And when we say anything- we mean it!

There’s bongs that look like bottles of Sriracha and strawberry shampoo. There are festive nature scenes like owls in trees and rolling pandas. Beehives are popular in dab rigs but there’s also an avocado and ice cream sundae too!

Our choice for Best Novelty Rig is fun and functional with a price that keeps it real. The fun colored glass is functional art acting as splash guard dome! Best of all, there's different colors to tempt your eyeballs.

$ 169.99

Best Bubbler Rig

Thick glass that kicks ass

The term ‘bubbler’ is usually used for smaller hand pipes with water which are most often just a single piece of glass (and not meant for oil). But the word 'bubbler' is such a fun one to say, though, that it’s caught on for smaller rigs and now often used as a general water pipe term.

Again, Pure Glass gets the nod for ‘best of’ like the bigger rig above. They use German Schött glass which is renowned for its superiority which makes sense since founder Otto Schött was the inventor of borosilicate. And the design of their Magma V Rig shows off this glass.

Our pick for Best Bubbler Rig is about half the size of the Arrow Rig above. It has the same quality look and feel as its larger sibling and a sidecar design to keep the banger hot, but out of face. The bubble-stacking ratchet perc gives this little rig a great view and a Dankstop Best!

$ 189.99

Best Silicone Rig

Virtually indestructible

Silicone has come a long way in the smoke shop world. It’s cheap, light and virtually indestructible. It also handles extreme temperatures from -100º to 500º well making it ideal for dabs, both as storage and even as a dab rig! And you can find all types- shorter bubblers to taller straight tubes.

The key to any dab rig is the nail. Whether you use a banger nail or a honey bucket, as long as the bong can hold a nail, it can be a dab rig! Like our Best Silicone Rig 2021, there are premium materials, great design and a high-minded focus on best dab flavor.

Durable, colorful, fun and functional, the Ooze Steamboat Silicone Bubbler uses its silicone design for snug fits and heat resistance. Other cool features include a see-through deck, bent neck and removable down stem. The flat bottom base gives this rig a solid foundation, earning our ‘best of’ choice solid.

$ 59.99

Best Recycler Rig

Just right dab recycler

While many steer away from recyclers for dab rigs because of waste, our winner of Best Recycler Rig 2021 actually uses a short path. It’s a tough borosilicate dab rig that not only has premium materials, but also great design from the experts at Mav Glass.

The Lido Recycler Rig is only seven inches tall but stands proud with perfect percolation and excellent recycling for the perfectly cooled dab. It’s a pretty goblet shape with a water drop inner chamber that acts as a splash guard.

It’s so well designed with a reinforced, fixed-meniscus 90º down stem, fat can base,l showerhead perc and bent neck with flared mouthpiece. Cool, colorful highlights top and bottom make it even prettier! Add a premium quartz banger nail and this baby is ready to trip!

$ 242.00

Best Dab Rig Kit

Everything for a perfect sesh

You can find cheaper dab rigs kits, but few with the quality as our Best Dab Rig Kit 2021. This glass setup is just that- the whole shebang (or should we say ‘shebong?’)! Not only do you get a high-end, portable dab rig, but you also get everything else (except oil) for the same price!

This compact, borosilicate nectar collector dab straw has a titanium nail, silicone dab containers, a dab tool and torch lighter, all in a durable, shock-resistant case.

This gets a Dankstop ‘best of’ nod because the kit has everything for a premium sesh except the oil! You can also lock the case using the zipper handles for security.

$ 39.99
by The Happy Kit

Best Nectar Rig

Cheap, durable, portable

The price of rigs has come down a lot as concentrates have grown in popularity. In part, this is because there are so many new types of dab rigs and companies making them. There are cheap rigs in every kind of material, but the Best Cheap Rig 2021 covers all bases.

With legalization affecting more than half the American population, paraphernalia is exploding. So glass is cheaper, silicone is strong and there are combinations of the two that make dab rigs and nails cheaper than ever.

The Best Cheap Rig 2021 combines the flexibility of silicone, the durability of titanium, the clean-hitting qualities of glass, the cooling of water and the portability of a dab straw. There are lots of nectar straw rigs of all shapes and sizes, but this is the best of all worlds.

$ 39.99

Best Value Dab Rig

Inexpensive, not cheap

There are a lot of cheap rigs out there from lots of different sources. That's the Best Value Dab Rig 2021 not only looks at price, but also quality and other features too. Choosing ‘best of’ rig is tough because the competition is fierce, but we’ve got just the value for you!

Practical and affordable, the Triple Ring Mini Beaker features exceptional hand-blown glass design and has some premium features too. There's a bent neck that acts as a splash guard, fixed joint and downstem and showerhead perc. It's a oittle wonder that delivers big rips with the right nail.

This inexpensive dab rig features borosilicate glass, the same material used in much more expensive setups. It's strong, lasts forever and doesn't fuck with flavor, ruining that terpene dream.

$ 36.99

Best Portable e-Nail

Portable, powerful e-nail

Technology for rechargeable batteries has really improved in the last few years and it gets our nod for best e-nail. A traditional e-nail is a setup with a heater coil that keeps constant heat on the nail, so... no torch lighter. Our choice for Best e-Nail 2021 can deliver that same kind of power in a more portable, dual purpose unit.

The KandyPens Session e-nail delivers strong dabs in two ways. It can work with a dab rig or as a hand-held vape using its magnetic mouthpiece. But no matter where you user it, this dual use e-nail delivers variable temperatures to a ceramic heating chamber and  coil. It's USB rechargeable too which is convenient.

The Session e-nail features durable construction too. The composite body keeps the heat away from your hand when using it as a direct-draw dab vape. When working with a dab rig, it makes secure connections with a frosted borosilicate connection.

Power, versatility and portability get the nod for Best e-Nail 2021 with another KandyPens creation: the Session.

$ 149.97

Best Themed Dab Rig

Sesh with a message

There are many great causes outside the legalization of weed worldwide and the Dankstop Reviews Best Themed Dab Rig 2021 hits a lot of important notes. But let’s start with Made in America! It’s a mark of expert craftsmanship and accountability (and lower carbon footprint!).

Whether you want to “Save the Seas,” “Renew the Redwoods” or “Avenge the Arctic,” the expert glass artists at Empire Glassworks have got you covered. However, our ‘best of’ choice, among all the beautiful glass they’ve created, calls for calm and renewed focus.

A Zen Bonsai UV Mini Beaker puts the focus right in the middle, balanced, on a bonsai that needs nothing but the occasional cleaning. There are bright green leaves growing among brown branches and other forest friends growing alongside in this calming dab rig.

$ 170.00

Prettiest Dab Rig

Beautiful, functional design

Okay, it’s a completely subjective call, but the Prettiest Dab Rig 2021 cannot be denied for its beauty. Glass artwork has made a big impact in the world of paraphernalia from innovative hand pipes to high end heady glass, dab rigs today blow away the past!

There are all kinds of percs in the world, but few as pretty as those with innovative design. When the form of the bong itself becomes the function too, acting as both perc and the splash guard, it’s special. Add cool, colored glass, and you’ve got a dab rig designed to shine.

The Fab-Egg Dab Rig uses gaps in glass walls and a curved inner dome which act as percolation and splash guard by design. These odd shapes automatically swirl and diffuse smoke that passes through the funky design. A showerhead perc also adds to bubbles!

$ 99.99

Best Colorful Rig

Best e-Rig

Rips quick, hit smooth

The best thing about paraphernalia is all the innovation, and the Dankstop Reviews selection for Best E-Rig 2021 saw more competition than ever! There’s a lot of great e-rigs that provide the power for the party. There are all sizes and shapes, but our choice is extra special.

From Puffco, the experts at vaporization, comes the award-winning Puffco Peak e-rig. It has a sleek, unique design and incredible performance. There are also custom add-ons and other gear made just for this popular e-rig.

The features include a blazing fast 20-second heat time, 4 heat settings to customize your hit, an intelligent heat calibration for consistent rips, haptic feed as well as an intelligent LED light band and best of all, this powerful battery is fast charging and long lasting!

$ 189.99

Best Overall Glass Rig

Old world look, modern design

When we talk about the overall Best Glass Dab Rig, we usually have an image of beautiful clear glass. These are the full sized rigs but designed in a way that minimizes waste like the smaller models. These glass rigs can easily swap the nail for a bowl to be all bong!

But as a ‘best’ dab rig, there are certain things you want to look for when it comes to premium quality. Thick glass, a sturdy design and impressive percolation, just enough to cool dabs without congealing them. Our choice does just that.

The Arrow Dab Rig stands tall but has a very slender chamber to minimize waste. It’s super-thick borosilicate with a sturdy fat can base giving it an antique glass look and feel. The long bent-neck acts as a splash guard and the vortex perc puts on a wild, tornado-like spin.

$ 240.00

Best Damn Dab Rig 2021

The Best Damn Dab Rig 2021 has a lot to do with you my oilhead friend. Take in mind what you’ve seen here and use it to create a goal for the ultimate dab rig to create the master sesh time after time.

Dankstop Reviews knows quality products and loves to share with our customers. If you ever have any questions beyond this article, drop us a line or use the SUPPORT feature on the website. As the best online headshop, we love to educate, advocate and facilitate!