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A Dankstop Guide to Best Summer Gear

Celebrating 'USA Made'

Cannabis and the United States go way back to before it was a country and is the reason America became a superpower! Without hemp, kicking the British aristocracy out of our space would have been impossible.

Yeah, that’s right, spark a joint when you light up those sparklers, because weed is more American than the 4th of July! And, the staying power of cannabis can outlast any political movement because it was arguably the first industrial crop of the Americas.

So, this 4th of July, Dankstop is celebrating great American brands and products! We’ll look at all things hemp including its most famous byproduct- CBD! We’ll also look at smoking and dabbing accessories, storage solutions and great glass torch work for pipes, bongs and dab rigs.

Thomas Jefferson received the first patent in the United States;
a hemp threshing machine

American hemp CBD

Premium American hemp is used for cannabidiol (CBD) products which arenow completely mainstream. CBD is a non psychoactive cannabinoid, anatural chemical compound that’s added to edibles, topicals, tinctures,capsules and anything else you can eat, smoke or drink.

You canget smokable CBD flower, pre-rolled cigarettes, vaporizer cartridges forCBD oil pens and extracted waxy concentrates to dab. CBD can have thesame terpene and cannabinoid profiles as full THC products, minus theTHC. There are even pet-safe CBD products.

CBD products have been proven safe by sheer tenacity. Since the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937essentially outlawed the entire plant including all research, more than50 years passed before we even knew the human body had specialreceptors made just for cannabinoids!

While there isstill more to learn, what science has proven about CBD is that it actsas a pain reliever, fights inflammation and anti-seizure properties.This miraculous cannabinoid is also being studied for a host of otherworld-changing properties like cancer fighting!

Full spectrum, broad spectrum CBD

Now that we can ‘science the shit out of’ cannabis, there are a wide variety of products from which you can choose. And, since cannabis has such a diverse array of chemical compounds called cannabinoids, the difference in products gets down to individual components.

A CBD product that is ‘full spectrum,’ means that the extraction includes all chemical compounds in the hemp plant. This includes every cannabinoid including CBD, CBN, CBG and even the allowable trace amounts of THC (<0.5%), the psychoactive compound that gets you ‘high.’

Many want no THC in their CBD goods, so science can eliminate that compound completely for ‘broad spectrum’ products. There are 114 known cannabinoids in cannabis to date (and more being discovered!). Now, products from ‘distillate,’ which contain only CBD, are possible.

“Let the ground be well prepared, and the Seed be sown in April. The Hemp may be sown anywhere.”
                                                                      -George Washington

CBD topicals

CBD Tinctures

Sublingual CBD

When you need to get CBD inside your body, tinctures can be a fast way to go. That’s because tinctures are delivered under your tongue, sublingually, and the membranes in your mouth are very thin. This allows for the fastest absorption of all edibles.

Tinctures are made with concentrated cannabis extracted from the hemp plant. Methods to get this concentrate vary, but usually it involves some sort of solvent like alcohol to separate the chemicals from the plant. Professional tinctures add flavors to get rid of the harsh herb taste.

Once extracted, the concentrated, CBD-rich resin is often mixed with a base. Often, tinctures can be extracted in the base, as is the case with high proof grain alcohol, which weed is soaked in to create what’s known as ‘Green Dragon.’ MCT coconut oil is also a popular base.

$ 98.99

Jamestown was the first American colony to cultivate hemp starting in 1607. Hemp was used for clothing, food, rope, sailcloth and more.

CBD Vape Carts

CBD oil pen tanks

Another fast way to ingest CBD is through vaporizer cartridges, or ‘vape carts.’ Vaporization also works quickly because of the thin membranes in your lungs, similar to smoking. But when you vape, you get no carcinogenic smoke byproducts.

Vape carts are similar to tinctures in that they use concentrated cannabis in some sort of base. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine (PG/VG) are commonly used because they have a thin and buoyant viscosity. In lay terms, it’s thin enough to vaporize, thick enough to suspend.

Vape carts are a great choice for many because of great American know how. Despite everything being made by slaves in China, it’s advanced technical designs from the free market that make every flavor of CBD terpene as well as awesome 510-style batteries to fire them.
$ 65.00

CBD Pet Care

The first “ropewalk,” a factory designed to built industrial rope from hemp, was constructed in New England in 1630, and there were several more in Philadelphia alone by 1698

Cannabis clothes, American brands

The spread of legal weed affects more than just growers and dispensaries. Today, the cannabis industry employs more than 330,000 people, which includes related businesses like weed-themed clothing and jewelry.

Fabric of all kinds has always been a use for American hemp and today, more than ever, we celebrate our love of weed with all kinds of bling! You can find it all, from head to foot, with themes both loud and subtle.

Weed hats, caps & snapbacks

Great gear to wear

It’s true that most clothes are made overseas, but the logos that are celebrated most often are great American brands! There are ball caps from HBI’s RAW (complete with hidden poker!) as well as our own beloved Dankstop caps too;  perfect for warm weather wear.

One great thing about clothes is how they change with the seasons, so there's always something new! A slick snapback with the gold VIBES rolling papers logo won’t keep away winter chill. But, not to worry, ski caps also exist with the same logos as the summer weed hats, caps & snapbacks.

It’s true that clothes set people apart and celebrating your love of weed is natural starting at the top. Great snapbacks and caps are a perfect perch for your favorite weed love, but they are just the tip of the ice catch (the coolest part of a  great glass bong!)!

$ 33.99

Over 25,000 tons of ships were built in the Massachusetts colonies alone in the 1690s, much of this weight was the thousands of pounds of hemp rope on each ship

Weed t-shirts & hoodies

Weed jewelry & hat pins

Cannabis bling

Cool weed accessories like jewelry and hat pins truly help you personalize your look. And, with jewelry, you’ve got a lot of options. There are weed leaf and graffiti art pendants worn around your neck and even a functional joint-holding RAW gold ring too for the gold standard in weed gear!

Starting at the top, no hat, cap or snapback is complete unless you show your one love. Check out the always popular RAW magnetic rolling tray hat pin. You can also get way personal with the huge exclusive line of metal pot pins Dankstop brings you.

Adorn that lid with hat pins like a 420 highway sign, showing people your ultimate destination. Or, you can go subtle with ‘No Bad Days,’ or go loud with the joint-smoking Budman, a blazed Happy Face, toking aliens, high astronauts or even a funny, ‘Don’t Be a Prick,’ cactus pin.

$ 13.99

The Boston Tea Party was planned by hemp rope manufacturers who knew the war for independence would be fought on economic as well as military battlefields.

Facemasks, gaiters & other accessories

Cool protective gear

Clothing doesn’t have to stop on top or down below! Since face masks and gaiters have become a thing throughout the pandemic and beyond- there’s a wide range of cool weed related face coverings to add to your collection.

Check out the secret stash belt too for a weed accessory that’s practical, keeping your stash on the down low. It looks like a standard canvas pull belt, but it has a long zipper that keeps an impressive amount of hidden material for such a thin, smell-proof space!

Don’t forget lanyards and Happy Kit fanny packs too! Both are full of form and function as well as sporting fun logos. Better yet, the fanny pack’s function holds a way to take a sesh anywhere and it’s smell proof weed storage for stash, pipe, lighter and more!

$ 19.99

Summer smoking accessories

We are getting to the greatness that is truly all American made with excellent smoking accessories. Like the 4th of July, there are lots of fire friends in this list including weed grinders, Zippo lighters as well as great glass pipes, bongs and bowls.

The truly great quality reflected in American ingenuity, ambition and drive is exemplified in the smoking accessories section. And, this section is all USA made products, not just the company headquarters, but also pristine manufacturing.

USA made herb grinders

Shredding American style

Not all great weed grinders are USA made, but all American made herb grinder brands are great. Dankstop features a wide range of Santa Cruz Shredders for a west-coast vibe, contained motorized chaos, classic hard top grinders or elegance in action.

The Wakit truly is a rechargeable electric wonder to watch as it perfectly rips bud into fluffy weed. The motorized grinder could also be called a weed whacker, as it tears through flower with a pull-chain blade. No more twisting by hand!

Standard grinders become extraordinary, though, with exceptional design and materials like the Pre Royal line of herb grinders. They stand tall, proudly sporting their bright, jewel-toned colors accented with gold. The real royal feeling though, is in your hands!

$ 69.99

The Marijuana Tax Act in 1937 imposed hefty taxes on hemp traders,a political move fueled by lobbyists, threatened by hemp.

USA made Zippo lighters

Classic flip top lighter

One of the most iconic American brand names is Zippo lighters. The company has deep American roots, manufactured in Pennsylvania since 1933. Their 500 millionth lighter was made in 2012, ironically the same year recreational cannabis was legalized in Washington state and Colorado.

Zippo got a big boost during World War II. The company suspended manufacturing of lighters for the public and instead made them solely for the military. It’s been common ever since for officers to have personalized lighters featuring insignias, ranks and other military details.

Zippo has been described as “a legendary and distinct symbol of America.” That familiar ‘click,’ its hurricane proof performance, the wide range of colors, styles and decorations, all make for wonderful collector’s items! Dankstop has the Higher Standards Zippo, a mark of great cannabis gear.

$ 35.00

USA made glass pipes

Beautiful glass pipes

So, what you are going to light with that Zippo is more than likely a glass pipe, the most popular item in the smoke shop. It’s in glass where American work really shines too, because these glass hand pipes are individually handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Great glass pipes are not only functional with well designed features, but also for the art. Truly exceptional USA made glass chillums and spoons from Dream Pipes, for example, are worth the price for the extra chill they get with their freezable, sparkly glycerine insides for cool hits.

Perhaps the best known name in high end glass art is Empire Glassworks. This American company showcases the best of Cali glass works. Their pipes depict cool undersea and woodland scenes, bowls of ramen, hot dogs, watermelon slices and other great looks.

$ 89.99

Black Americans represent 13% of the national population, up to 97% of cannabis convictions, but only 1.2% to 1.7% of cannabis company owners.

USA made glass bongs

Beautiful glass bongs

Getting bigger in the glass section are the bongs which can be anywhere from minis measured in inches to monsters measured in feet! Even standard beaker bongs from Mav Glass and MacDizzle have a powerful feel in hand from the thick glass and excellent torchwork.

The borosilicate masters at Empire Glassworks also fill the bill for bongs. Their unique range is every bit as intricate as their hand pipes, but on an even larger scale. The most popular bongs feature woodland or underwater scenes, although they have multiple artistic styles.

Other great American made bongs include the Marley Natural Wood Accented Beaker. It’s a celebration of everything American- an iconic name, premium quality design and materials in America for a product that’s meant to last.

$ 200.00

USA made glass bowls

Upgraded glass bowls

Upgraded add ons in beautiful matching glass bowls makes a besty bud for your bong. These are definitely not your standard pull slide because these are made by artists, hand working each piece. You can see the level of detail in these upgraded bong add ons but to feel them is also impressive!

It’s such a great American company, Empire Glassworks once again tops the list of custom pieces. The bowls they make are often the same as those that come on their woodland scenes or underwater adventures, but are standard sized and can upscale any glass bong!

Borosilicate glass in a master’s hands can make the most amazing details. Empire's Bug’s Life Bowl teems with foliage and fungi and a couple of ladybugs too. But you can find pink flamingos, doughnuts, flowers, cactus and more Empire Glassworks glass bowls from these creative glass artists.

$ 69.99

The 1937 hemp tax was lifted to support the efforts of World War 2. The U.S. was cut off from its previous naval rope suppliers in Southeast Asia.

Vaporizing weed

Vaporizing dry herb, ripping fat slabs off a dab rig, hitting an oil pen or loading a wax vape can all be considered ‘vaping’ for the purposes of this article. These vaping accessories are favorites because they do not combust weed to give you a hit, so all you get is vapor, not smoke.

Today, vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes from palm sized models to tabletop options. One thing all vaporizers have in common is heat. They all use just enough heat to warm weed, whether herb or oil, to release all its goodness.

It is virtually impossible to find an electric vaporizer with all USA made parts. Most handheld vapes are made overseas and all electric vaporizers have parts made outside the US. That is, except for our choice for an all American dry herb vape.

Dry herb vaporizers

Battery free vaping

Vaporizers for flower have grown in popularity, mainly, because of improved battery technology. This led the way to improved heating elements, more compact design and ultimately, cheaper prices. That’s also led to most dry herb vapes being made overseas and these products being thrown into a landfill when the battery won't charge.

American manufacturing has entered a new stage in the age of the growing service and information industries. With a large global marketplace, USA made vapes are getting more specialized. Again, American ingenuity now gives us truly innovative, battery free vaporizing with the DynaVap!

The all American DynaVap and OmniVap dry herb vapes use thermal induction to achieve vaping heat. Their innovative modular pipe design protects weed from combustion with a heat shield called a DynaCap. Use a torch lighter to achieve heat with their innovative system.

$ 179.95

USA made dab rigs

Ripping American rigs

While dab rigs are powered by heat, it’s usually from a butane torch lighter hitting a nail or banger. This heat is enough to be retained by the nail and sufficiently ‘flashvaporize dabs. Larger rigs can use an e-nail to replace the torch lighter, but the trends today are changing.

The development of higher THC strains and the improvement of extracting concentrates has turned emphasis to flavors. This means low temp dabs where nails are heating at about half the temperature as with old school titanium nails.

Great American glass makers are leading the way to much smaller dab rigs to reduce waste and improve tastes. The less room oil vapor has to cool inside a rig, the more you get in a rip. So, beautiful glass work from Empire Glass once again gets the nod with brilliant artisanship in a small space.

$ 170.00

Hemp was made illegal in 1970 when cannabis was classified as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance with no distinction between hemp and medicinal.

USA made dab nails

Upgraded bangers

Dab tech has improved with great materials and great craftsmanship. From seriously strong titanium nails like the 10mm domeless from Skilletools to high end heady art from Empire Glassworks, nails make the dab sesh!

Great quartz artistry now carries over to upgraded glass nails that rip and keep terps tasty. Great American banger nail designs are found in nails from LavaTeach, Honeybee Herb, Thick Ass Glass and our own beloved Dankstop line.

Quartz, titanium and ceramic are all excellent choices for nails depending on your likes. Lower temps tend to use clear quartz for cleaner flavors but heavy dabbers that like fat slabs often prefer titanium nails for endurance. Fortunately, there’s many at your disposal and choosing is half the fun!

$ 63.74

USA made dab tools

Great glass dabbers

Dabbing wouldn’t be complete without the extra tools needed to handle the sticky stuff. American artistry is really heavy in this category with dabbers of all kinds! Made of durable borosilicate or even more dense quartz makes a long-lasting dab tool.

Great designs from DreamPipes and Empire Glassworks continue to lead the pack. Each piece is hand blown in the United States and you can see a level of craftsmanship that is unequalled and worth the price!

Dankstop offers the best glittery, freezable dabbers money can buy! These boro beauties handle the thickest dab with ease. They are also fun to play with, especially cold, because the cascade of shiny ooze inside is always changing, moving at your touch!

$ 34.99

Hemp remained illegal for nearly 50 years until the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, freeing farmers and producers of CBD products, now legal in all 50 United States.

USA made glass carb caps

Capture the heat

This category of USA made products truly shows a level of depth usually reserved for art galleries! Expert torchwork in each hand blown carb cap can be subtle or intricate. But, in the right glass blower’s hands, art meets action.

Great carb caps not only retain heat well with high end materials like quartz and scientific glass, but they can also use designs that channel directional airflow for more efficient dabs. Directional airflow carb caps let you feather your rips, controlling the heat with skill.

Empire Glassworks gets another nod for best in class for their themed carb caps. You can show your love of sushi, glowing aliens or jellyfish and keep the heat at the same time. These durable glass beauties are shatter resistant to stay beautiful and dabbing indefinitely!

$ 39.99

USA made e-rig accessories

Topping your peak

Our final category in this impressive list of American hemp and cannabis products shows the greatness that is achieved. Not only are great products like the Puffco Peak e-rig dreamed up in the United States, but products made for that popular rig exist too!

You can totally personalize your Peak with an aftermarket glass dome from, you guessed it, Empire Glassworks! Send a tongue in cheek message that your Puffco Peak e-rig is completely hot like a bottle of Sriracha or underwater tranquility scene- your choice!

Of course there’s a much larger range of borosilicate glass addons for your Peak than we have space to write about, so you’ll just have to check it out for yourself and get the sweetest, most personalized dab sesh possible.

$ 360.00

Cannabis grows fast, causes less soil erosion, needs less water and fewer pesticides than other plants.

Go fourth and blaze

Weed the People of the United Blaze, in order to form a more perfect session, insist on justice, insure recreational and medicinal tranquility, provide for the equal defense of human rights despite race or region, promote universal welfare of weed, and secure the blessings of prosperity on our clarity, dude ordained and establish this Concentration of the United Blaze.

History can teach US that coming together makes stoners stronger, just like the entourage effect makes cannabinoids work together better as a team. As cannabis continues its run as America’s fastest-growing industry, staying true to our colors- red, gold green and black- helps us stay together and stay irie.

There are troubling racial and gender disparities which remain in this new industry and if we all have a common cause, and an American ideal, at heart- the guarantee of equal life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, stoners can keep cannabis real, and less an industry for suits.