E-Nails: Why You Should Get One

E-Nails why you should use an enail

Those of you who are regular dabbers have probably considered getting an electronic nail (e-nail for short). While the cost might turn away the stingy smoker, it’s important to consider the value you’d receive from picking up one of these dab nails. For example, you…

Don’t Have To Use Your Torch

We at DankStop have no problem with the trusty butane torch. You should keep your torch if you already have one since it has so many uses. At the same time, between your oil rig, butane torch, dab nail, dabber, carb cap, and concentrates, you have a lot of things to keep track  of while dabbing. Using a torch requires the user to take particular care due to the extreme heat. The e-nail has a “set it and forget it” quality that eliminates that big step from the process. Part of that quality is the ability to...

lavatech high flyer

Choose Your Temperature 

Those who dab on regular nails often have to rely on the glow of a nail and timing to determine how hot it is. With titanium nails this is possible, but still requires experience and attention. Glass, quartz and ceramic nails require even more attention due to having less color contrast when they are hotter or cooler. The e-nail takes the guesswork out of judging your nail’s temperature: you set the temp on the digital display and it tells you when it gets there. The option to choose a temperature without guesswork also means... 

lavatech elements e-nail

It’s Easier To Dab At Low Temps

While high temp dabbing with your torch doesn’t require much effort, low temp dabbing is much more difficult. Low temp dabbing - which many believe leads to tastier and less harsh inhales - requires a nail temperature of around 600 degrees, which requires the dabber to wait 5-10 seconds for the nail to cool down. This isn’t an impossible time to wait but once again requires a lot of attention and is still an inexact science. For instance, waiting too late to dab can mean your concentrate puddling instead of vaporizing. Thankfully, the e-nail allows you to make an exact calculation of how low temp you want your dab to be. You can experiment with different temperatures without fear that you’ll be wasting your precious dabs. And if you’re worrying about value, the most important aspect of the e-nail is that…

lavatech classic enail

It Saves Money

Ignore the cost of buying it, the e-nail will pay for itself multiple times over. As mentioned before, getting the perfect temperature means you can ensure that your dabs will be perfectly vaporized each time you smoke. That means you won’t waste concentrates as they drip into the rig due to overly low temperatures. You also won’t have to see your instantly vaporized dabs drift into the air due to overly high temperatures. Your e-nail will ensure the consistency of your sessions which allows you to use a discrete amount of concentrate each session. Not using your torch as much will also cut down on the cost of buying butane, which is more expensive than the electricity needed to power an e-nail.

Smoking can often become a pricey hobby, which means that every purchase you make should maximize the value of your hobby. With that in mind, go to DankStop.com to see our selection of e-nails, affordable dab rigs and dabbers!