How To Avoid Dry Vape Hits

Do inhales from your
e-liquid vape lack the good flavor they once had? Don’t worry; there’s nothing wrong with your vape pen, or at least nothing wrong that you can’t fix. Learn how to diagnose and remedy your vaporizer and you’ll have no problem getting consistently tasty hits.

Possible Causes

So what’s causing the burnt flavor? As you may know, inside of your vape pen’s heating chamber is a wick - usually made of cotton - surrounded by a coil. The e-liquid or oil you use drips onto the wick and is vaporized by the heated coil. This creates the vapor you enjoy. When liquid doesn’t reach the wick, the heat of the coil begins to burn the wick, which also results in the coil being burnt. Once the wick and coil have been burnt, they affect the flavor of the vapor, leading to a burnt taste. A burnt wick doesn’t necessarily mean incompetence on your part; this happens to even experienced vapers.

Keeping Your Wick Wet

The first step to keeping the wick wet is to keep track of the e-liquid you’re using. You should always have a full tank, so make sure the liquid level never dips too low. In addition, learn what’s the balance between vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol in your e-liquid (often referred to as VG and PG). VG is what gives e-liquid its flavor and PG thickens the liquid in order to create heavier clouds. The thickness of PG can make certain liquids unable to vaporize fast enough in vapes with smaller coils (most premade coils, in fact), which can lead to the wick burning. So if you seem to be having trouble with dry hits, find an e-liquid with a 50-50 ratio of VG/PG or anything with more VG than PG. You can also look online for tutorials on how to make your own coil, which you can design to be less tight. If you have a particularly powerful vape pen, the cause of the burnt wick could also be that the heat of the chamber is so high that certain temperamental e-liquids will vaporize quicker than the wick can keep up.

Prepping Your Vape Pen

Without looking for new e-liquid, prepping your vape pen before vaping can lessen your chances of the wick burning. Once you’ve assembled all of your vape components (battery, tank, wick, coil, mouthpiece), make sure to do 5-10 “primer pulls” on  your vape without pressing the fire button. If you have a clear tank, you should begin to see bubbles appear in the tank. After the pulls, let the vape sit for 10-15 min so the wick can fully absorb the e-liquid.

Replace Your Coil

Another cause could be that you’ve overused your coil, leading to a build-up that is constantly being heated. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to have 4-5 coils on hand and to change the coil every week or two.

Keeping your vape in good shape isn’t too hard, it just requires you to pay attention to a few details. If you’re in the market for a new vape pen, make sure to check out and see our collection of high quality vapes