Best Smoking Supplies for a Camping Trip

supplies for camping
There’s nothing like smoking and being out in the grand expanse of nature. Whether you’re a pro at the great outdoors or completely new to camping, there’s no doubt that the key to a good trip is preparation. Nothing is worse than realizing you’ve forgotten a crucial element of your setup, and part of that means making sure that you stock up on the best smoking supplies for your camping trip.

The Best Vape for Camping

If you’re trying to stay on  the down low or are simply respectful of the threat of wildfires, you might consider bringing along a portable vape. They’re not the best choice for camping since you likely won’t have access to the USB charger most of them require (unless there’s a car around, but who wants to idle the SUV just to charge a battery). But if you opt for a vaporizer that’s battery powered like the Magic Flight Launch Box you won’t have to bother with scrambling to keep a charge full.

launch box vaporizer

Because it’s only designed to vaporize dry herb you’ll want to bring along a solid, portable grinder like The Kind Pen’s Tri-Level Herb Grinder, a 4-piece magnetic grinder with diamond-shaped teeth for optimal crushing and minimal clogging. This piece has a special bottom chamber in which pollen gathers, so you can add some extra punch to your vape too.

tri-level herb grinder

The Best Outdoor Glass Smoking Pieces

If you’re bent on going old-school and want to bring along some solid smoking pieces, there are plenty of glass choices available. Chillums and one-hitters are small and discrete for a quick toke-up during a hike. The aptly named Tron Trail Chillum has intricate glasswork to detract from any gross build-up the pipe might acquire during the trip (you won’t be able to wash your pieces, remember). The flat mouthpiece keeps this chillum from rolling around, limiting the messiness that usually accompanies these little punch-packers.
tron trail chillum

Spoon pipes are ideal for passing around a campfire, since they hold more than chillums but are hardier and less messy to use than a bubbler. If you’re worried about having to carry something big around, consider a compromise between a pipe and a one-hitter with the Mini Travel Pipe with Colored Accents. It’s a tiny 2.5” long with a deep enough bowl for at least a few go-arounds. Because they’re so affordable, you don’t have to stress about losing it or having to get rid of the piece at the end of your trip if need be.
mini travel pipe with colored accents

Silicone Smoking Gear

The ultimate choice for camping smoking gear is definitely silicone. It’s practically designed to be taken out and dragged around, and disassembly-friendly silicone pieces are by far the easiest to clean in a non-traditional environment like camping. The Fold-a-Bowl Silicone Bong is readymade for camping, the perfect space-saving, break-proof accessory. With an alloy bowl and downstem that can easily be switched out for a 14mm glass bowl (or a dab nail), this 8-inch bong folds down into a palm-sized package for easy portability to and from the campsite. The included bowl is an eject-a-bowl, meaning it has a spring mechanism to conveniently empty out its contents once it’s kicked. This is definitely a handy feature to have out at a campsite, where you might not have the right tool to scrape out a bowl’s contents on your own.
fold-a-bowl silicone bong

If you want to get the benefits of a water pipe without having to deal with the sliders and bowls, consider Nucleus’ Silicone Cone Bubbler. It’s a small silicone egg that connects pre-rolls to a water chamber to turn any paper smoking experience into a smooth, filtered water one. It’s only 3 inches tall and comes apart for easy cleaning. It even has a carb so that you can regulate the bubbler’s airflow. The suction cup at the bottom of the piece is a great way to keep it from sliding and wobbling around on the picnic table, though you might need to bring along a dab mat for it to stick and stay put on.

silicone cone bubbler

Durable Options

Durability is key when smoking or simply transporting your piece outdoors. You can easily lose your footing or drop your bag at the wrong angle. Pyptek has multiple pipes that come with aircraft-grade aluminum exoskeletons and borosilicate glass tubing. These pipes such as the Prometheus Nano Chillum could withstand a bear attack let alone a fall.

prometheus nano chillum

The Two-In-One Ultimate Pipe is the same concept, with a silicone outside protecting the thick quartz tubing. It even comes in camo so you can truly blend in with your surroundings (or avoid a pesky park ranger).

two-in-one ultimate pipe

Handy Smoking Accessories

You can avoid having the issue of missing tools with the Stainless Steel Multi-Utility Tool from Ryot, ideal for folks who are dabbing or smoking out in the wild. Like a Swiss army knife, this multi-tool has eight different stainless steel tools that swing out of a central hub, the perfect all-in-one solution to poking, scraping, dabbing, scooping, cutting, grinding—you name it. It’s an affordable way to have every last tool you need at your disposal and helps keep you from having to walk around with a handful of dab accessories.

stainless steel multi-utility tool


Camping is all about preparation, and with the smoking part of your setup ready to go you can guarantee you’ll have some hazy fun, even if you can’t exactly get the tent to stay up on its own.

camping smoking supplies

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