420 Buyer's Guide for 2021

Either your fingers just can't take it anymore, or your current grinder is failing to shred your herbs to perfection. Either way, if you've found this buyers guide, congratulations - you're about to have the fluffiest, most perfectly ground up buds you've ever smoked. 

If you're like most people, you just want to know what the best weed grinders online are. We've tested hundreds of different herb grinders to figure out which ones are best for which types of smokers. 

...and just in case you're a nerd like us, we also wrote a complete guide on  Herb Grinders and how to pick one.

The Best Grinder Under $25

The Best Travel Grinder

The Best Electric Grinder

by DankStop

We've tried quite a few electric grinders, and this one made our staff picks list for a few simple reasons: It works, it's easy to clean, it runs on AAA batteries you can find in your miscellaneous drawer, and most importantly, it's great for smokers with disabilities. 

Simply open the cap, dump in your nugs, and close it back up. Press the button and give it a few shakes, and your buds will be ground to consistent perfection. Easily keep it going longer for smaller granules! 

Like most of our grinders, this beauty is available in a multitude of colors to fit your desired vibes. 

$ 18.99

The Best 4 Piece Grinder

by Cali Crusher

If you're into quality, The Homegrown series from Cali Crusher will probably fit well into your arsenal. Made in California, USA, this top shelf weed grinder has some nifty features that earned it our staff pick! 

For starters, it's machined out of aircraft grade aluminum. Add in a removable kief screen for easy cleaning, notched lid for better grip, a soft touch finish for sleek appearance, and you've got one hell of an herb grinder. But wait, there's more! *Billy Mays voice* ...

 The Homegrown series has our absolute favorite feature, the interlocking tooth design to keep the 4 sections together. Forget about sticky threads, cross threaded sections, and stuck together parts. Each section of this grinder easily comes apart with just a quarter turn.

$ 62.95

The Best Grinder Under $10-ish

The Best Wood Grinder

by Marley Natural

Bob would be definitely proud of this one, if you ask me. 

This wood grinder won my heart and lungs with its sleek appearance and heavy duty build quality. The glass window built in just puts it over the top in the "wood grinder category". 

Yeah, I'll admit it's a bit pricey, but that's what you get for something of this quality level. The threads are smooth as butter, and the keep screen comes up with a magnet. It's like the Rolls Royce of wood grinders. 

$ 149.99

The Best Luxury Grinder

by Pre Royale

If you're looking for a high quality, multi section grinder and storage container, this might be the one for you. 

Machined from high quality aluminum and embellished with steel accents, this grinder stands out from the crowd with its built in scooper/clip, and its extended, sleek body. Oooh baby. 

Attached to the grinder is a really nice feeling "scooper" - great for well...scooping your ground buds out of the deep container and into your preferred smoking apparatus. 

Grind in style with the both this Royale G Mini Herb Grinder as well as the full size Royale G Weed Grinder

$ 54.99

The Best Grinder Bundle

by The Happy Kit

All your essential tools in one easy to carry, smell proof pouch. What more could you need?!

Like all Happy Kit Bundles, this kit features an assorted group of smoking gear. Inside this bundle is a 4 piece aluminum grinder, an eighth container, a pop top with a cig chillum, a metal poker, and a pack of papers with tips! All items are stored inside an activated carbon lined pouch with a smell proof double zipper to keep your funky odors at bay. 

$ 40.00

The Best Grinder/Filler Combo

by Banana Bros

If you're like me, you're thinking..."woah" at first glance.

Yes. It does exactly what it looks like. 

Say goodbye to the days of treacherous manual labor. Good bye to the days of grinding by hand and filling your cones with that stupid little cardboard straw.

The OTTO from the geniuses at Banana Bros is an all in one grinder and cone filler machine. Simply insert an empty cone, place a nug in the grinder, and press the button. 30 seconds later, you've got a cone ready to smoke. 

$ 149.99

The Best Overall Weed Grinder