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420: A Holiday for Forgetful People


A holiday for forgetful people

April 20, 2021


Do you remember that feeling you forgot something? Yeah, me neither. But ironically, among weed enthusiasts, having a memorable time is a given on 4/20, a holiday for forgetful people. Any other day we pay good money to forget stuff, like, you know, that thing… from the other day.

April 20th is different though. Today, we have the Jubilee Celebration of a whole holiday celebrating our collective forgetfulness! Fortunately April 20th comes the same time every year, a date that’s easier to remember than your own birthday (unless your birthday is on April 20th).

Yes, it’s a whole day of unforgettable weed love with both live happenings and virtual events. It’s a diverse day that can be as chill as you want, or meaningfully impactful with a true sense of community, a world-sized crowd that has at least one thing in common with you...


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  • On 4/20 2021, us weed smokers are still searching for something we may never find (free weed and expunged records). Civil disobedience has happened one joint after another for decades. We’ve been wandering a desert for more than 50 years in search of a green oasis.

Searching for… something

Why is 4/20 synonymous with the cannabis crowd? The Waldos are happy to take credit for that one and more power to ‘em. Considering their story starts with a lost weed-grow treasure hunt every day at 4:20, it seems apt this is now our collective, secretive, sign.

On 4/20 2021, us weed smokers are still searching for something we may never find (free weed and expunged records). Civil disobedience has happened one joint after another for decades. We’ve been wandering a desert for more than 50 years in search of a green oasis.
What started as an incognito way for white kids to keep weedfrom their parents’ noses can now be a massive movement. Haha. You said‘massive movement.’ Seriously though, our numbers outnumber any army inthe world because of one thing- weed.

In 2021,420 is not only a celebration of paying good money to forget stuff andlaughing, but it's also a day of connection. You and others who smokeweed or dab oil are united today even if we have to stay apart. There's alot to forget about this last year, but 420 will be sopmething toremember.


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One love: 420

Now on April 20, the day has turned into both a celebration and group civil disobedience exercise. For almost half the country, smoking weed is still against the law and cannabis use is a mule for the prison industrial complex which still holds non-violent cannabis offenders.

The Biden administration is abolishing for-profit prisons and that’s a start. However, the heady high many weed smoker’s felt after Democrats took a majority rule is wearing away. Fortunately, we have 4/20 to bind us together as a weed-friendly community.

Our numbers may be huge, but smoking pot still has a stigma associated with it in certain circles, namely law enforcement. In large part, this is due to cannabis still being prohibited at the federal level and it doesn’t look like anything is happening soon.

The feds 420 fun

The U.S. federal government is like a huge ship, slow to turn and run by people who can lock you up. But, Congress, by definition, creates legislation by agendas. Sometimes, those agendas suck. Ask anyone who lived through the dark, ‘Just Say No,’ Reagan years.

Cannabis prohibition is a complex series of events, all political, starting with the Narcotics Act of 1915. It springboarded with the Henry Anslinger Marihuana (sic) Tax Act of 1937, validated with classic mis-imagery propaganda classics like Reefer Madness and Marijuana that promised:

  • "Weird parties!"
  • "Wild Diversion!"
  • "Unleashed passions!"
Sounds good. I guess clothing was so stiff in 1936 that a fun party would be too uncomfortable. Sort of like the old, white men (Anslinger) who saw recreational weed as mainly affecting people of color. It’s part of the shameful, hidden discriminatory history we are only now addressing.

420 advocacy

Agenda makers know their spurious claims are bullshit going all the way back to Anslinger. Why else would they support such lies as weed ruining the lives of (white) women because of the “burning weed with its roots in hell.”

Weed propaganda didn’t stop with taxing the shit out of it. Politicians got worse, agendas more political, drug use and anti-war sentiment were growing and in 1970 the Nixon administration outlawed cannabis completely, signing the Controlled Substances Act into law.

Nixon hated hippies and people of color. His new tool had a nifty system that classifies (to this day) weed as a “Schedule 1” narcotic, right alongside heroin, because they are so similar.


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Racist war on weed

In 1971, sing his trumped up legislation as a weapon, Nixon publicly declared drug use, “Public Enemy #1.” How convenient that it primarily impacted people he hated and enabled thugs he loved. Two years later he created the DEA and absolute control that continues to this day.

Harsh sentences for non-violent infractions are still justified each day, by conservative white judges in black robes, banging out unjust sentences primarily affecting communities of color. It would never equally impact the neighborhoods of congressmen, or there would be change.

With federal permission and increasing funding of law enforcement, weed has been the easy excuse to bust people without warrants. All cops have had to say is that they 'smelled weed' which gave them justification to arrest anyone they wanted.

Weed lovers unite!

The war on intelligence started with fear of the unknown. Today we know better. The best thing about weed is the community - knowing you are not alone in your love of a beautiful plant that makes you laugh. Between man and weed, there’s a natural, physical connection.

We know enough about weed to have a worldwide day devoted to it because of our link to it. It’s almost mystical- weed has cannabinoid chemical compounds like THC and CBD that work together in an ‘entourage effect,’ and pot smokers working together achieve similar strength.

I’m just going to come out and say it, weed makes the world better. It’s dope, yo. But being outlawed still, we have to work together to get this plant the place it deserves. We’re on the right path, but when you march as an army, that direction becomes a conquest.

420 to dos (set timers!)

Weed activism pairs perfectly with a nice fruity Pineapple Kush, zkittlez or other citrus-scented cultivar. Laughing at politicians, learning interesting things about subjects that actually make your life better and taking care of one’s self by being part of a community- that’s 420.

In 2020, the holiday was a bust, but in 2021, there’s been a year to prepare both live and virtual events in every state, even where weed is not legal yet! So, if you’re up for masked encounters, do a search for local happenings.

Local, in-person 420 events include concerts, art shows, joint rolling competitions, giveaways at dispensaries and way beyond. There are indoor and outdoor events in every country as well as virtual events for the world!


Live and virtual 420 events

With the pandemic mismanagement and consequent resurgence, there are a record number of virtual events in 2021. The beautiful thing about 420 is there’s something for everyone whether you want to blow and go or stay home and blaze.

Weed-themed consumer’s dos include everything from virtual puff-sip-paint classes to cooking with with cannabis events, comedy shows, film festivals, 420 game night, djs, concerts and more. Of course there are sales everywhere trying to capitalize on the cool of 420 too.

This one-day global love fest also caters to people in the cannabis industry itself. There are classes about grows, dispensary operations, marketing, the changing legal landscape and more. There’s even newbie help getting started if you’re interested in entering the industry.

420 online advocacy 2021

Cannabis use is global and universal. It’s partying with a purpose whether you’re medicating or partying. is If we were to stand up together, anything can be done and there are activists who are turning 4/20 into a day of connection and activism.

The Last Prisoner Project (LPP) is a cannabis criminal justice reform organization with the goal to free those jailed for non-violent offenses. In the United States alone, there are still more than 40,000 prisoners doing time for weed and LPP uses the cannabis industry’s army.

Several online events are raising funds for this worthy cause including the Great American Sesh In, a mixer for people in the cannabis industry. Hosted by Chris Riggins, it features Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation, DJ Set & DJ Shortkut and a state of the industry with Andrew DeAngelo.

Dogg in da house

The headline virtual attraction helping LPP on 420 is hosted by Snoop Dogg and promises other special guests as well as a slew of huge names. Even Higher Together starts at 1p PDT and will not be reshown. It’s free at the Weedmaps website but there is an age gauge.

A big slate of fame is featured including A$AP Rocky, Jhené Aiko, Rebelution: Eric Rachmany Acoustic Set, TOKiMONSTA and Bam Marley. There’s also appearances by G-Eazy, Mike Tyson, Berner, Ms. Pat Too $hort, Chef Nikki and Jaleel White.

There’s also Diamond Supply Co x WM 420 Cypher presenting Wiz Khalifa & Taylor Gang, Chevy Woods, Sk8, Fedd the God, Young Jedi, The Alchemist, Rhapsody, Mick Jenklins and Problem. And the LPP sponsored Justice Session has Talib Kweli, M1 Dead Prez and more!


Stoners living clean

There’s a lot of problems in the world that cannabis can cure beyond miraculous medical miracles, reformative justice advocacy and everyday chill for so many worldwide. For a stoner, weed is about balancing and enhancing life even when getting high is not the main focus.

One last advocacy project benefiting the LPP is another global initiative you can participate in, but it’s not virtual and it’s on 4/21. But, being part of Canna4Climate will cement your place in positive stoner culture history while making your world a better place at the same time!

Just find a spot in your community that could use some love and care and do a clean up. Take some before and after pics and videos, then post with the hashtag #canna4climate, making sure to tag @canna4climate so they can share your contribution with their audience!

420 for life

The day after 4/20 is a bridge between the stoner holiday and Earth Day on April 22nd. Showing the world your love of all things green, especially weed, makes everything better- your life, your community, your nation and, indeed, the whole world.

The best thing about cannabis is its ability to heal imbalances in the human body using an entourage of effective compounds. It can also do the same thing for whole communities, especially those disproportionately affected by the war on drugs, paid for by tax money.

Engaging in weed culture on 420/2021 can be super chill and super active at the same time. You can contribute to worthwhile causes while you pack a bowl or load a dab and toke the day away. Just don’t forget to set reminders on your phone to catch all the action and join all the fun!

Coming together, even apart

In America, segregation has literally kept white and black communities apart for decades through systemic racism. In a larger sense, borders and lack of communication kept a cold war brewing for decades and the innocent masses ignorant of one another.

Countless lives have been destroyed for unjust cannabis convictions and, it’s still happening today, for nonviolent offenses. So, the 420 army, if we were to act together, could set a more fair agenda for everyone, realizing that we are all brothers and sisters under a green flag.

Until recently in modern history, it was easy to remain ignorant of the problem of weed being used as a tool for systemic racism. Today we have the internet and a world view that the latest generation of adults grew up with their entire lives.

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