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Getting small

Tiny, little dab rigs, bongs with minimal bubble, palm sized vaporizers, one-bud grinders, ornate micro spoons, dab kits in a pouch, hell... even torch lighters- the world of weed is getting smaller! But, do these little wonders measure up?
Higher standards can be a tough call with the growing marketplace getting small. But, this is good news for the consumer, because competition means products with better design, materials and performance with better prices!

Palm sized paraphernalia

Becoming a best mini pick in this Dankstop guide usually means a new take on an old piece of gear or a completely new product altogether. The one requirement is that they're among the the smallest versions. We'll also take a look at why the industry is leaning small.

And this isn't just bongs and dab rigs either! Getting smaller is a thing for most products you'll find in the best smoke shops (and beyond!). It's all part of better, more durable materials, improved parts manufacturing and better designs.

Shrinking is part of economies of scale, so as products improve and sell more, the process gets more efficient and saves money. Well, lucky for you, my stoner friend, that usually means even better products in an ongoing, continuous cycle.

This guide looks at dank gear like dry herb vaporizers, wax pens, hand pipes as well as the latest in dab rigs and bongs. We’ll also check out related goods like weed grinders, ashtrays, scales, lighters, dabbers, rolling trays, dab mats, cleaning gear and smell proof storage.

For oils

The gear at the best online smoke shop sites can usually be broken down to ‘For Herb’ or ‘For Oil’ categories. While miniaturization has affected both kinds of paraphernalia, it’s oilheads and the hunt for the perfect terp tastes that leads this shrinking world of weed.

Concentrates, by definition, are reductions tominimal, essential oils. And, that’s a good way to look at the products in this guide- mini dab rigs, oil pens, wax vaporizers and the tools to use them- reduced down to their very best essences. That's why they're in this Dankstop guide.

Mini Oil Pens

Dab vapes: slender sesh

Reducing battery size while increasing power along with more efficient heating elements are also great news for dabs. But, it’s the oxymoronic growth of the concentrate industry itself, with a special shout out to CBD, that drives this oil vaporizer market!

Oil pens use the same type of technology as the dry herb vapes but tailored to a liquid base. Most oil pens are cannabis concentrate mixed in propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine (or both as in PG/VG) so the liquid flows evenly as it’s vaporized by an atomizer heating element.

The Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vapor Pen is the perfect example of convenient delivery. Vaping is felt faster than edibles, so when CBD is part of your daily life, this is a perfect, pocket-sized way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids conveniently.

$ 49.00

Mini Oil Pen Batteries

Mini Wax Vapes

Pocket sized sizzle

Heating element atomizers and battery power are critical, most especially,  for wax vapes. When dabbing solids like shatter, budder or pull-and-snap, having a powerful coil is critical. This not only efficiently dabs all your concentrate, but keeps the heating element cleaner too with a powerful battery.

Wax pens range in power, price and performance, but brands like Yocan, KindPen, KandyPens and others excel well in a crowded marketplace. While different, each design works around the battery and heating element and the best designs take ingenious approaches to maximizing space for a mini dab hitter.

The double duty Dabble Dual Use Wax Vaporizer from Airistech works as a wax vape in hand but also fits a rig too. It feels powerful with its metal body that’s both hefty and discreet. The Plus series uses multi coil heating elements and one-button heating to thoroughly rip oil efficiently for full flavor dabs.

$ 49.99

Mini Dab Straws

Collecting nectar compactly

As the paraphernalia industry grows it's reasonable to assume going small isn’t just what the customer wants; manufacturers want smaller too. With great materials available and skilled artisans who make glass silicone and/or metal dab straws, size is not indicative of power.

Dab straws can be extremely simple machines like Dankstop’s own Mini Honey Straw or powerful and torch free like the electric DabCool W3. With its one-button ease of use, an electric dab straw is basically an upside-down e-rig.

Our favorite little honey straw is the Dab Kit Mini, not just because it has a sweet titanium tipped silicone nectar straw, but because the kit has everything else in miniature like a silicone dab pad, silicone containers, a small dabber and a case to store it all.

$ 30.00

Mini Dab Rigs

Dank little oil rippers

Dab rigs may be the most important product in the mini market. With the current approach towards low temp dabs, the emphasis is not only on efficiency but also on flavor too. The same focus on miniaturizing dab rigs also means improved dab efficiency and more full flavor.

To get the most out of dabs, it takes a scientific approach. That means more than scientific glass rigs (although glass is best because it has the least reaction with oil vapor). It also means paying attention to how oil condenses. The less space inside the dab rig, the less oil wasted.

Investing in a great glass like the Mini Bubble Beaker Rig from LA Pipes show a retroactive beauty in design but modern materials create incredible performance and strength too! Premiere quartz bangers hold the heat and deliver on low temp dabs flavor.

$ 69.99

Micro eRigs

Powerful, portable dabs

Back in the day, if you wanted to bring power to a rig, you would invest in a heating coil that rested at the nail, the original e-nail. Today, that term is being replaced more and more for this category, the mini eRig.

This category has grown a lot in recent years because of the whole battery/heating element improvement thing. Consequently, powered rigs have made a name for companies like Dr.Dabber, XVape and the ultra popular Puffco Peak.

As this article features the mini eRig, Dankstop is proud to talk about the Qomo Micro e-Rig. This powerful portable is a handheld dab ripper with water filtration and cooling, heating elements that unscrew easily, a glass dome that pops off and a whole ease of use thing that miniatures need to work right.

$ 94.99

Mini Dab Tools

Tiny novelty dabbers

As the rest of dabbing gear is getting smaller, it’s only fitting that we highlight some of the cool dab tools taking the same path! You can still get big slab help from tiny and cute dabbers when they are made at the hands of torch artists.

When it comes to creating cool dabbers you have to look at the artistry from Empire Glassworks. They are expert miniature makers, capturing the scenic essence of a cute mini narwhal or slab that narwhal up with a slice of sushi!

Mini dab tools in glass go beyond basic uses as each depiction, funny or otherwise, tells a story just like other works of art. And it should be no wonder that these dabbers fit the themes of other Empire Glassworks pieces, like their themed dab rigs and bongs.

$ 39.99

Mini Dab Mats

Little silicone slicks

Silicone is required equipment for most oil heads. That’s because the chemical nature of this miraculous substance makes it both non-stick and non-skid. So, sticky dabs peel right off mini dab mats and glass bongs stay put atop them.

Silicone resists extreme temperatures so it can go from the oven to the freezer without degrading in quality. This is a good thing for home extractors especially as silicone can handle hot or cold extractions and give the goo a place to rest and settle.

The Duo Mini Dab Mats from Oil Slick are sized perfectly for a silicone and bud sandwich for a home press. Botanicals slide right off when cooked, but the essential oils stick to the silicone mat. These mini sized slicks also feature hemmed edges and woven fiber reinforcement.

$ 7.99

For Herb

Reduction of awesome essence doesn’t just need to be for dabs. That sticky icky is where those tasty terps are born. So products made for buzz off the bud have also been going smaller with an aim for flavor and efficiency.

Getting smaller is the best thing going for all your bud’s friends including weed grinders, dry herb vaporizers, hand pipes, bongs, ashtrays and lighters, rolling trays, scales, cleaning gear and smell proof storage. So, let’s maximize our look at minis!

Weed Grinders

Mini grinder, mighty shred

Precision machining and seriously improved plastics technology means grinders can get lighter, smaller and still shred like pros! Of course, metal grinders will always get the nod for superior materials that last and designs like their larger counterparts.

The best thing about modern tech improving manufacturing is selection. For a simple, mini herb grinder that gets the job done one bud at a time, the Santa Cruz Shredder Small 2-piece Grinder is perfectly pocket sized to get your grind on the go.

The best mini grinder looks just like the bigger impressively stacked weed grinders from Pre Royal. The Mini Royale G Grinder is beautiful to see, a pleasure to use because it grinds like butter and beautifully designed with a removable kief screen and its gold spoon tool.

$ 25.00

Mini Pre Rolls

Blunt power, tobacco free

Smoke shop owners know- having a nice herbal wrap pre roll mini ready to fill is one of the most convenient things in the mini world of weed. Rather than taking OG materials and cutting it down to size or, worse, tearing it, was just a thing of daydreams, until now.

Replacements for tobacco wraps put a new spin on blunts. These herbal pre rolls are made with an all-natural, organic botanical leaf that doesn’t interfere with the flavor of your weed, unless you want it to! That’s right- companies like King Palm make flavored pre rolls too!

It’s the Pouch of 25 Mini Pre Rolls case that gets the nod in this Dankstop Guide. These humidity-controlled minis hold 1 gram each and smoke shop customers will come back for them over and over. They burn super slow like the tobacco equivalent, but with the perfect size for a solo sesh!

$ 25.00

Mini Dry Herb Vapes

Palm sized vapor makers

One of the first products to start the move to mini sizes in weed was the dry herb vaporizer. The earliest popular models were tabletop versions like the Storz & BickelVolcano. These large models were locked at home primarily due to power needs, but today, advances in battery technology have made portable possible.

Large models are still ideal for at-home use, but portability is what vapers wanted and the industry stepped up to meet demand. Along with more powerful batteries came the ability to reduce the size of heating elements and so was born the palm-sized vaporizer.

The best mini dry herb vaporizers today, like the 2200mAh Truva from Kind Pen, feature a powerful hardware to heat quartz herb chambers. Amioing the best dry herb vapes, there’s also digital readouts, fine tuning temperature controls and, of course, the palm-sized power hitting performance!

$ 159.99

Mini Hand Pipes

Tiny spoons, Sherlocks & chillums

In a crowded field of green, we can talk about mini hand pipes all day long. Most hand pipes are small, but here we're talking smaller than small with minis. These little pipes capture the cute from size alone, but even at mini size, they feature some big looks that shows you are a true canna-seur of fine smokables.

There are cool spoons and other great designs on the cheaper side (including Dankstop’s own line of mini glass pipes). These cute-but-tough handhelds travel well, are pretty to see and have a price tag in the 'disposable' range.

Step up in price for sweet modern mini Sherlocks from Grav Labs. Dankstop glass pipes also deliver more flash as the price increases. In addition to artistic color and sculpting, high end minis can also feature fritted, swirled and fumed glass too.

Can you tell we love Empire Glassworks for their unique, themed torch work? It’s too hard to choose which represents the best work. Forest Frogs or Icy Penguins? Owls, butterflies and beehives too! Which one’s best? My stoner friend, that’s up to you!

$ 67.00

Mini Bongs

Best little bud friends

The bong has always had mini versions throughout its history. Until glass mastery became more commonplace, a mini bong was usually made from cheap acrylic plastic, soft wood or untreated stone- not recommended. But, incredible smoking tools are better now, more than ever, because of great glass work.

Tempered borosilicate glass is incredibly strong, completely inert so it won’t interfere with your weed, is made to handle extreme heats and, best of all, cleans up easily. So, you can invest a lot in  very zen UV mini bong from Empire Glassworks or a more simple setup that still kicks ass.

Mav Glass, makers of the Vintage Bulb Mini Bong, is known for unique design and this little retro power hitter truly stands apart. Bright jewel tone colors come in opaque or see-through flavors. The hollow fat can base, ash/oil catcher joint, diffuser downstem and orb design create bubble stacking without splash and a sweet setup that lasts!

$ 132.00

Ashtrays and Lighters

Spark it up, rest it right

You can’t talk about smoking weed without essential gear like ashtrays and lighters too. It doesn’t matter if you’re rolling joints, filling blunts, stuffing cones or loading any type of bowl- you’re going to need flame and ash handling at some point soon!

Of course the Mini Bic Lighter has been known as the smallest pocket flame for a long time and for good reason! It may be mini, but this classic has sparked many a big high worldwide. Keeping a spare (or two) around at all times means never having to say, “I wonder if I can use the stove?”

Once you have great results from that flame and have enjoyed yourself thoroughly, you can dispose of the ashes and roaches securely with the Mini Magnetic Ashtray. This handy little smoking accessory has a bowl pick in the center and can also be used as a stash as it will stick securely, out of sight.

$ 23.40

Mini Rolling Trays

Let the little good time roll

Rolling trays are an essential tool for herb and oil and come in all sorts of designs to meet those needs. With modern day materials and manufacturing, you can get all sorts of rolling trays right down to minis that look just like the larger models.

You can find great mini rolling trays in metal, wood and glass. You can find these trays from the biggest names including RAW, the rolling paper company that puts its stamp on everything! Why not go with the biggest name in rolling gear when buying that tray?

Although there are many styles from which to choose, the RAW Mini Rolling Tray perfectly represents what mini paraphernalia is all about. It’s custom designed with high sides to keep a little amount of ground weed safe in place.

$ 9.00

Mini Digital Scales

Tiny size, measures large

The world of minis has also affected weighing tools like pocket scales. Many models are designed as digital mini scales and are weighed, themselves, in grams because they are so light and small. With modern advances in electronics and manufacturing, scales are more accurate than ever.

Modern digital scales, like the TruWeigh Mini Crimson Scale w/ Collapsible Bowl, are not only incredibly accurate, but designed with the weed user in mind. This setup uses silicone’s flexibility to its fullest to create a platform that can hold much more than grams.

Other high end components make this a handy scale to have on hand. It can be used as a kitchen scale or to break down supplies of cannabis. Then, it all folds up nicely and stashes away in a drawer or even on the counter for everyday use.

$ 19.99

Mini Cleaning Gear

Dab wipes to go

Whether doing dabs or smoking a bowl, flavor is kept best when pipes, bangers and other gear are kept clean. Usually, gear is cleaned most often at home where you can bust out a large container or use a sink. But what about when on the road? Good things there's mini cleaning wipes.

Cleaning gear can be as simple as alcohol swabs, but that creates more trash than needed when individually wrapped. You could carry a bottle of isopropyl and gauze around but this is far from convenient. But now, keeping handy wipes close is easier than ever!

The new Mini Alcohol Wipes Dispenser from Hemper Tech is made to go! It comes with a keychain so you can always have them close at hand. The cute little container is the perfect way to dispense a handy swab tool for the oiliest nail.

$ 7.99

Mini Smell Proof Storage

Big odors kept inside little bags

It’s another universal need of all pot smokers- storage. People have put buds in all sorts of things from cigarette cellophane wrappers to zip lock bags. But, until cannabis started making headway into the mainstream, smell proof storage was limited to glass jars.

Now, airtight storage comes in all sorts of styles including millimeters thick camouflage vinyl bags of all sizes, pill bottles and even travel bags made to last. With clever smell proof linings, containers can come in all sorts of materials like wood, glass and plastic.

From hip-hugging fanny packs all the way up to foot lockers and suitcases, smell proof storage is made for any need. But in the mini category, one fan favorite includes the nondescript soft case Mini Broker from Revelry Supply for small, smell-proof storage.

$ 25.00

Little tools, big fun

Taking a look at mini pipes, bongs, dab rigs and all the other gear that keeps a sesh fresh is the wave of the future. It's not only important to preserve flavors in smoke and vapor, but also for portability, convenience, price and performance.

Check out the micros and minis at Dankstop, the best online smoke shop, for savings on quality all the way around. You often spend less on littler tools, but with modern materials and the talent to create serious smoking accessories, you get big life from your gear too!