Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is the one day of the year when mothers are celebrated and honored for being the glue and backbone of the family.  Gifting mom a present will show her that you are grateful for the role she plays in your life. Choosing a present for mom isn't hard, but finding the perfect item that suits her needs will result in more use of the gift. Dankstop has made choosing a Mother's Day present easier by curating categories of interest to guide your shopping experience!


Keeping It Discreet

crystal pipeLet's face it. It's not always convenient to smoke. A pipe that is easy to conceal is a must for daily smokers. For the smoker that's on the go, discreet pipes will come in handy.

Discreet pipes and accessories are very fitting for easy use and storage.  Smaller pipes mean you can explore options for storage like a purse or backpack pockets. Mini pipes can easily fit your pants pocket beside a lighter as well as in traveling and storage containers, or smoke kits.  Small and compact pipes are convenient to conceal because they are about the size of the palm of your hand. Whether on the move or as a backup piece, these discreet pipes make traveling much more manageable.

Home Decor

nucleus pipe mugWe all know a smoker that has their pieces laying around on end tables and shelves. It is easier to complement these tendencies rather than change them. These inconspicuous pipes can complete any home arrangement or display.  

Aesthetically pleasing colors and designs of water pipes will balance a home's interior design. Elegant floral designs reflect a look of value and will camouflage in any room. The Dankstop stone pipe collection provides a very natural look that would be right at home on a bookshelf or study desk.

Inconspicuous pieces offer a natural appearance to the home's décor in comparison to clear scientific shaped glass. These pieces can quickly go from the center of the CYPH to the center of the conversation.

Heady Glass

pakaloloHeady glass comes in many themes for a wide range of smokers. To reach out to the inner child of ever smoker we added the fun, colorful, artistic, and outright cutest pieces to the collection! The adorable and detailed animal-themed pieces are perfect for the animal lover you know. Glass artists find inspiration in many things, even colorful desserts. You will be sure to find an unusual piece that will bring out your inner child. Heady glass pieces are easily the centerpiece of collections and conversations.

Filtration & Vaporizers

kind pen vaporizerWater pipes are critical for smokers trying to get the cleanest smoking experience while choosing to combust their product.  The water filters tar from smoke and also catches any product or ash that would potentially pull through into the smoker's mouth from conventional pipes. Water filtration provides a smoother, cleaner, and colder hit in comparison to pipes or hand-rolling alternatives.

Vaporizers do not use combustion and instead creates vapor by heating the product to the desired temperature. Vaporizing avoids the inhalation of tar and other toxins related to the burning of the product. Vaping is a much healthier alternative to inhaling smoke.

Filtration or vaporizing provides the smoker with a cleaner smoking experience. As a result, both methods allow the smoker to take bigger hits. Personal preference will be the deciding factor when choosing a daily go-to method.


kannastor grinderThere are essential items and accessories every smoker needs to have. From basics like rolling papers, grinders, rolling trays to cleaning supplies, these essentials are necessary for daily smokers to operate efficiently and keep a tidy working space. It is convenient to stock up on supplies such as papers for yourself  

To make it convenient, Dankstop created the "Hotbox" Smoking Package. The hotbox comes with the basics including a working tray, rolling papers, a grinder, a twisty glass blunt, and more! Extra rolling-papers are a great addition to any present. Each time they roll up, they will think of you!

It is vital to keep your smoking apparatus clean. The water should be changed daily if not more often. Not only is it healthy to use a fresh pipe, but it is also an added benefit that your investment is presentable when sharing or inconspicuously storing. Clean pieces allow for a better flavor experience, therefore enhancing a sesh. Dirty water pipes are a breeding colony for microbes. The mixture of resin, plant matter, and bacteria allow harmful pathogens to grow. Bong water should be changed daily! These problems are avoidable by using the Nucleus Alcohol and Salt Cleaning Combo. IPA Clear 99% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol is excellent at removing resin residue whereas lower percentages will not dissolve all of the resin build up. NaCl Rock Salt is abrasive and will agitate resin build up that cannot be reached by cleaning tools.

Interested in shopping for Mother's Day?

mother's day gift guide