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  • Tightvac 3oz Container
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Tightvac 3oz Container

Product SKU: TV-CL-3oz
★★★★ 1 customer reviews
$ 999 + Free Shipping

Chamber Color: Clear
4 inches
  • Tightpac container
  • Choice of Chamber Color
  • Top Color Might Vary
  • Airtight Seal
  • FDA Approved Plastic
  • Holds About 20 Grams
  • Width: 3"
  • Easy to Use Press Button

Tightpac Tightvac 3oz Container

Keeping your dry herbs fresh up to 1 year, the Tightvac 3oz Container can save you headaches and money. Nothing is worse then when you leave your herbs in a zip-lock baggie and forget to close it properly. Next time you reach in, your contents are bone dry and fall apart just from touching. Not with the airtight seal of the Tightvac 3oz Container. A simple press of the button gives your fresh dry herbs every time. Holding up to 20 grams, this storage jar can hold plenty. You have the option to choose what kind of chamber you receive. While the tinted and white options are all one color, the clear and black variants come with a randomly chosen top. Never let your herbs or tobacco get dry again!