Dry Herb and Tobacco Containers

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Whether it's your dry herb/tobacco, cigarette, or pipe, you're going to need somewhere to stash your stuff. With these products, you'll be able to conceal and make your items portable. These dry herb and tobacco containers come in many different sizes. No matter the amount of dry herbs or tobacco you possess, we here at DankStop have the container to fit your needs.

When people think of what they need in a storage container, the first thing that comes to mind is size. Some people buy in bulk to avoid having to restock constantly or for the better price points. Purchasing larger amounts can usually offer up better deals as sellers always want to get rid of large quantities of dry herbs and tobacco as quickly as possible. This enables to re-up themselves and keep their shelves full of brand new product. This being said, even wholesalers and shopkeepers need containers. Whether you only carry enough at a time for a bowl or two, or own a shop that deals with multiple weights and customer demands, you may need multiple sizes to deal with your needs.

Everyone who uses dry herbs or tobacco needs some kind of container to store their goods. It is understandable that you may not want to bring something unnecessarily big around with you whenever you bring a few grams somewhere. In situations like this, a product like the Key Chain Stash Jar is ideal. The convenient metal loop makes it super easy to attach right to your key chain. A turn-based thread top allows you to safely use your keys as you usually woud without worrying about all your dry herbs pouring out. Knowing that some people like to decorate their key chains with certain themes, the DankStop Key Chain Stash Jar comes in your choice of color. The high grade aluminum that the dry herb container is composed of will not affect the taste of your materials. If you do not want to showoff your new dry herb container, simply slip it into your pocket, as it is a very compact size.

Some people do not even walk around with loose tobacco or dry herbs, as they prefer to roll at home before they go out into the world. A Doob Tube can prove to be useful in times like these. Doob Tubes were a very interesting concept made a reality. These containers come in two sizes to fit a variety of paper sizes. Whether you want to keep a perfect roll safe and secure or take a small amount of product with you somewhere, these dry herb containers are affordable and smell proof.

Next topic to be concerned with is price. Some tobacco containers are straightforward and achieve their purpose of keeping your materials safe and sheltered. Others might have added benefits and can be made of different materials. All of these factors can change the price point of a container. For example, the LV Print Cork Jar from AMG Glass has frosted glass and a unique cork top. Between these features, the thick glass construction, and the choice of color, the AMG Glass LV Print Cork Jar is going to be more expensive than say a Doob Tube or Key Chain Stash Jar. The LV Print Cork Jar however can hold more dry herbs and tobacco, so you will need to look through our vast collection of both dry herb containers and tobacco containers to find the ideal one for you.

Dry herb containers can prove to be a much better choice compared to regular, everyday storage options. Putting your dry herbs or tobacco in a plastic Ziploc bag is classless and will shorten the life of your materials. Don't even get us started on those who twist up sandwich bags or tin foil to carry around their stuff. Something like the Gravitron Glass Jar from Grav Labs will showoff your herbs while protecting them. Between the thick, clear glass and the tight rubber seal, the Gravitron Glass Jar will allow for plenty of looking but no touching. It even comes in your choice of size! Want your tobacco containers to truly pop? With the bright pink theme of the AMG Glass Leopard Print Cork Jar, people will be reaching for this jar not just for what is inside. It has all the benefits on a thick glass, cork top jar with an interesting and extravagant design. Most importantly this dry herb container keeps your product fresh and clean.

As with dry herb containers, tobacco containers can really improve and hold the bold flavors you desire. While we touched upon certain qualities before, with intricacies having to do with features and size effecting price, the number one quality of tobacco containers one has to take notice of however is functionality. Tightpac has made a name for themselves worldwide. They did not start in the dry herb containers business, instead focusing on more common needs like coffee and foods. The FDA approved plastic and sophisticated but simple to use locking mechanism made Tightpac branch out into the tobacco containers market. The airtight seal along with the various selections of size and color have made Tightpac a leader in counterculture storage.

Storage containers not only hold your dry herbs and tobacco. They can also be a safe haven for when you are traveling with your pipes and bongs. Pipe cases such as the 13" STR8 Case with 3 Layers allow you to safely transport your water pipe without any fear of it breaking. The extremely durable polypropylene, which is a kind of plastic that is extremely durable and resistant to most weather and heat conditions, will keep your bong or dab rig safe along with the multiple layers of thick foam. Hell, you could even put a storage jar inside any of the larger containers. We even have pipe cases that will protect your hand pipes, so no more traveling to a festival only to sit on your spoon pipe when you get there.

So there you have it. No matter the level of smoker you are, the amount of dry herbs or tobacco you buy at a time, or what you will be carrying around with you, every smoker needs a container that will keep their belongings in the best possible place.