• Breadvac 5lb Container
  • Black Breadvac 5lb Container
  • Clear Breadvac 5lb Container
  • Lighter for Scale
  • Solid Black Breadvac 5lb Container
  • Lighter for Scale
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Breadvac 5lb Container

Product SKU: TV-CL-5lb
$ 5999
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14 inches
  • Tightpac container
  • Choice of Chamber Color
  • Airtight Seal
  • FDA Approved Plastic
  • Holds About 500 Grams
  • Width: 8"
  • Easy to Use Press Button
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Large Handle
  • Lock-In Studs

Product Overview

Tightpac Breadvac 5lb Container

It might be impossible to find a storage jar of this size with an airtight seal at this low of a price. The Breadvac 5lb Container can hold an astonishing amount of goods no matter what it is. Dry herbs? You can fit a whole POUND in here! Holding up to five pounds of coffee or tea, the amount of space available in one of the Tightvac containers is astronomical. No matter what you decide to put in your Breadvac 5lb Container, you get to choose the color of your base. For a more discreet look, opt for the all black option. Want to show off just how much herb or vegetation you own? Go for the clear one which comes with a black cap. The cap on either color choice has the built-in technology to create an airtight seal every time you close the container. A patented partial vacuum springs into action anytime you push the lid down while holding the press button. After the air has been pushed out and you have locked the cap into the studs surrounding the top of the chamber, a seal is created which keep any moisture, bugs, oxygen, or anything else unwanted out of your goods. This seal not only protects your food or herbs but also your wallet. No more surprises of moldy bread or infested celery with a functional storage jar like the ones from Tightvac. The lifetime of anything put into the Breadvac 5lb Container is immediately multiplied the second that lid closes.

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