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$ 4899 + Free Shipping

8 inches
  • RYOT container
  • 4 Cushions
  • Velcro Walls
  • Multiple Handles
  • Weather-Proof

RYOT Pro-Duffle

You've never seen a bong case like this before! Created by RYOT, the Pro-Duffle is a remarkably useful storage case. With a length of 12", this durable duffle bag can contain quite the large water pipe. Furthermore, it is lined with cushions and padding to keep its delicate contents safe. There are 4 different cushions that are included with the bag, and they are fastened to the interior walls with Velcro. So, you can orient these cushions however you think is best for the contents within. Two of these cushions are square, one of them round, and the last one is rectangular. The rectangular cushion has more pockets for storage. The exterior of the bag is highly durable and can withstand inclement weather. There are also handles for grip, and an included strap for your shoulder. There is a zipper-sealed exterior pocket, and two buckles for securing something to the side of the bag. If you need a carrying case for your most precious water pipe, go for RYOT's Pro-Duffle. It destroys its competition.