• Piper Case
  • RYOT Piper Case
  • Piper Case by Ryot
  • RYOT Pipe Case
  • Nonstick Surface
  • Weatherproof Container
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Piper Case

$ 3399 + Free Shipping

  • RYOT container
  • SmellSafe Technology
  • Silicone Wax Mat Built-In

RYOT Piper Case

The Piper is a pipe case that uses SmellSafe technology to prevent any odors from escaping. SmellSafe uses activated carbon that acts as a barrier of smells. To open this case, you first must open a flap. The inner portion of this flap is lined made of silicone, so you can use it as a wax mat. There is a narrow pocket located under the silicone, which you can use for a vape pen. On the main body of the bag, there is a zipper pocket facing the flap. This is a freshness pouch for dry herbs and tobacco. The next zipper pocket opens up into the main compartment of the bag. Within this pocket, you will see two separation pads. You can remove these or move them around, since they are connected with Velcro. The very last zipper pocket faces away from the flap. It is good for thinner accessories.