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  • RYOT container
  • SmellSafe Technology
  • Memory Style Padding
  • Removable Zipper Pocket
  • Carabiner Clip

RYOT Headcase

RYOT's Headcase container is great for storing a hand pipe and some small smoking accessories. Using SmellSafe technology, this pipe case doesn't allow any smell to escape from within. There are even antimicrobial microfibers that absorb any odors inside. When you unzip the Headcase, you will see memory style padding on the left side. This is where you can place a hand pipe. On the other side, there is a removable zipper pocket that is attached to the interior with Velcro. If you detach the zipper pocket, you will reveal another pocket that you can slip small accessories into. The pipe case also includes a carabiner clip that attaches to an outer loop. You can use the carabiner to secure the case to a backpack or other travel accessory.