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Fumed Glass Color Accented Chillums

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DankStop Fumed Glass Color Accented Chillums

These chillums from DankStop have fumed glass throughout. This along with various color accents and a twisted body make this deep bowl chillum an obvious choice for on the go smokers or any other time. Colors and body type vary.

Features of This chillum

clear glass
This piece features sleek and clean clear glass that allows you to watch this concentrate rig or water pipe function. Clear glass allows you to watch the bubbles stack as your smoke/vapor percolates
colored glass
This piece features beautiful colored glass accents that give it a unique and aesthetically appealing appearance. Colored glass is one of the many features that can make this piece stand out in your glass collection
dichroic glass
This glass piece features stunning dichroic glass. Dichro glass is worked colored glass with sparkles inside of it that are accentuated in certain lighting conditions

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Typechillum chillum chillum chillum chillum chillum
  • - clear glass
  • - colored glass
        • - clear glass
        • - colored glass