What’s The Best Way To Store Your Stash?

Just like how your mom told you to put your toys away when you’re done with them, you should really make sure to put...other things...away when you’re done with them. This can be for security, preservation, or just general cleanliness.

The first thing to consider when storing your herbs or tobacco is what you’ll put it in. Many people leave their product in small plastic jewelry bags, which are fine at first but not for permanent storage due to being both see-through and unable to contain odor. Your should also use a container that is impermeable to light, temperature, and moisture. Like most consumed products, exposure to any excess of these elements can affect your herbs, making them taste awful and wasting them in the process. With this in mind, one of your best choices is the Medtainer. Medtainers are made of medical-grade plastic and are air-tight, water-proof, and smell-proof, which means you never have to worry about anything getting to your herb. In addition, Medtainers have built in grinders, which reduces the amount of tools needed to start a smoke session.

Another series of items that combine a container and grinder are Kannastor’s herb jars. While primarily designed for shredding, some models have clear glass sections that are used to save pre or post-shredded material. The clear glass allows you to see how much herb you have left, as well (just make sure to keep them out of the light). Other container options include the CVault: a stainless steel container that has three latches to keep it closed (except for the extra small version). These containers comes in a variety of sizes and can regulate humidity through the Boveda/Humidipak packet, which filters out excess moisture. They also contain a thick silicone ring that ensures that every container has an airtight seal. If you’re working with concentrate instead of dry materials, you can put your dabs in special silicone cases produced by companies such as STR8 Brand and MiniNail.

So now that you got your container, you might want a place to house it. If you have a element-proof container, you don’t need to worry so much about the air-tightness of your box and more about general security and privacy. A safe or lockbox is good if you fear strangers or children might try to access your loot. Brands like RYOT and StashLogix have all different size containers to fit your every need.

These are just a few of many ways to keep your stash protected from the elements. If you’re a regular smoker, it would be wise to invest in storage methods to ensure nothing will come between you and a top quality smoke session.