Innovators of Vaping: Innokin

Founded in 2011, Innokin prides itself on being at the forefront of vaporizer technology. Innokin currently has 71 design patents, 40 patents for utility models and 61 processing patents, making them one of the international leaders in electronic vaporizer function and design.They’ve pioneered in areas such as magnetic connection, pen vaporizer caps, LED power indicators, ‘Vape While Charging’, RTC (Reactive Temperature Control) Technology, and much more.

The company is probably best known for creating the first commercial box mod, which uses one or two li-ion batteries and a chip with electronic circuitry that allows you to adjust either the voltage or the wattage used by the atomizer (RDA, RBA, RTA, or sub ohm tank). Their latest box mod, the Cool Fire IV Express Kit, has introduced Vape-While-Charging technology and a super-quick heat time so waiting is a thing of the past. A benefit of variable wattage box mods is that you can instantly adjust your vaping experience at a push of a button. Increase or decrease the wattage and you will get a warmer or cooler vape. This gives you more instant control over your vaping without having to change your coils like you would have to do with a homemade box mod. The Cool Fire also has an eGo adapter that allows it to be modified to work with sub-ohm tanks. If you weren’t aware, “sub-ohm” means vaping with an atomizer whose coils have a resistance of less than one ohm. Sub-ohming uses much more power to spread a larger amount of heat over a larger area, which causes more e-juice to be vaporized in one moment. That extra heat also causes the Cool Fire’s vapor to be warmer.

While Innokin became a company in 2011, its founders George and James have been vaping since 2007. With their personal experience and technological know-how, they have heavily experimented with the modern vaporizer in order to see what they are capable of. The results of these experiments are vapes that blow away the competition.