Traveler's Guide to Smoking Supplies

Traveler's Guide to Smoking Supplies

When it comes to traveling as a smoker there are lots of different local rules to keep in mind and cultural aspects to maneuver, so the last thing you want to be worrying about is your supply kit. There are a few things you’ll want to have on hand so you don’t have to run around looking to re-up when you’d rather be taking tours of cathedrals or praying at the trunks of giant Redwood trees. If you’re looking to put together supplies for the perfect portable smoking kit for hitting it on the go, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Contain Yourself!

You want to be sure to have an airtight container for your dry herbs since nothing is worse than stale air getting into your tobacco or an herby smell getting out of your bag. If you’re looking to save space while keeping your herb fresh, consider The Medtainer, a medical-grade smell- and water-proof multi-tool container. It has a built-in grinder, comes in multiple styles, and is the perfect little buddy to have around for a camping trip.


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The Travel Grind

When it comes to grinding on the go, you might have to just opt for a two-piece grinder like The Medtainer, or else get a standard four-piece grinder (which comes complete with a kief catcher) that’s on the smaller side. When you’re out and about traveling there’s really no reason to have a complicated grinder on hand, though. At most, you might want a three-piece grinder instead of a two-piece one so that there’s some space for your dry herb to be stored in while you carry it around.

sweet tooth grinder

Rolling it Up On the Road

Rolling pros might want to skip bothering with any glass in favor of a pack of papers and a rolling machine. Rolling machines are cheap, small, and perfect for rolling up a few joints in advance of your travels for the day. They’re not too hard to use either, and there are plenty of videos online with quick demonstrations on exactly how to use the plastic-sheeted device (it’s easier than it looks with a little bit of practice, and it looks pretty easy). Armed with your favorite papers like the unbleached King Size Rolling Papers from DankStop, you’ll be able to fill up that case with even, neatly rolled cigarettes in no time.

raw rolling papers

If you’re not into the idea of carrying around any gadgets, even one as small as a rolling machine, consider just bringing along a few packs of RAW’s Pre-Rolled Organic Cones. They’re already shaped and come packed with a filter in place so you won’t have to worry about bringing along a glass tip or having to roll up an index card. You’ll be able to get on the go with limited effort, just what everyone wants out of a travel kit.

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Add-ons to Keep Your Travel Smoking On the DL

Not all places are cool with smoke wafting around, and that’s what The Original Smokebuddy is here for. The handheld carbon air filter is perfect for smoking in a hotel room or anywhere else your trip might require you to be on the DL. The glow-in-the-dark version is perfect for times when the smell is more of a concern than visual discretion, like if you’re outdoors but at a campsite near other people who might be bothered by the smoke. A pocket-sized version is available in the Smokebuddy Jr. if you’re looking for something that saves space.

smokebuddy jr.

Portable Pipes for Traveling

Pipes, in general, are renowned for their portability, but some are extra discrete and perfect for loading up in a case and bringing along with you. Spoon pipes can tend to be surprisingly large and cumbersome on the road and they’re definitely more difficult to clean than a glass chillum, which can just be attacked with a Q-tip and some hot water after every use (and some 91% isopropyl alcohol and salt when a deep clean is necessary). They fit in your pocket and are easy to pack with a little bit of dry herb straight from the grinder without the need for any screens or water.

The Original Monkey Pipe offers a great compromise between a traditional pipe and a chillum, since it keeps things small but functions as a hinged, lidded wooden one-hitter. The Jet Pal is another strong offering from Monkey Pipe; both of these pieces fit into Dankstop’s Pipe Case, the perfect way to keep a strong smelling pipe from stinking up a bag between uses.

monkey pipe

If you’re looking for an all-in-one pipe and container, Dankstop’s 4” Wooden Dugout Box with Bat is the perfect combination of one-hitter and storage. It’s the easiest way to refill a low-key cigarette bat in public without getting a second look, perfect for packing on the go and a great addition to a DIY smoking kit.

wooden dugout