Top Ten Dab Tools

Best Dab Tools

Completely Universal Titanium Nail
Completely Universal Titanium Nail

What size is your dab rig’s joint? Is it male or female? With a universal titanium nail, it doesn’t matter! You can use a completely universal titanium nail with any
dab rig or water pipe, as long as it has a glass on glass joint. No matter the size or gender, just place this dab nail in any joint and dab away! Combine that with the long-lasting quality of a titanium nail and you have a dabber’s best friend. When shopping for a universal nail, make sure it’s Grade 2 titanium like Dank Tools Female Domeless Titanium Nail.

Quartz Banger Nail

Quartz Banger Nail 

While the dab nail takes the brunt of the heat from your butane torch while dabbing, the rig isn’t perfectly protected during the process. After years of dabbing, the vapor bong’s joint can begin to structurally weaken. Give your bong some much-needed space with a quartz banger nail, which has a dish suspended at an angle away from the joint. This allows you to heat the nail without worrying about the joint’s long-term health. As a quartz nail, it also doesn’t need to be “seasoned” (heated and washed repeatedly), meaning you can use it right out of the box.

Newport Butane Torch


One of the best parts of smoking is that it puts a functional use to your long-buried pyromania. With dabbing, you get to turn that up to 11 with a butane torch. The torch is used to heat the concentrate nail so it can vaporize your wax. A good torch offers a sure grip and weight. You want a hefty torch so you can make controlled rotations around your nail, but not one so heavy that you feel as if you’ll drop it at anytime. With that in mind, look to Newport Butane for a good dabbing torch.

Silicone Dab Jar

Silicone Jar

Dabs can be pretty sticky, which is icky. The high viscosity of concentrate wax means that it’s difficult to store when melted, which can even happen without intent due to its low melting temperature. One material that melted concentrate wax won’t stick to is silicone, which makes a silicone jar an invaluable asset for dabbing. Make sure to get a jar made of thick silicone, as thin jars can warp from the heat of a re-collected dab.

Chameleon Glass Pencil Dabber


Obviously, dabbing requires an object to actually pick up the concentrate. The object in question is a dabber, otherwise known as a wand. High quality dabbers have enough surface to securely hold a dab. Dabbers come in all of the standard smoking materials: glass, quartz, titanium, and ceramic. Glass and quartz are great for aesthetic and heat resistance, but are not as durable as titanium. Titanium will last for a long time, but also conducts heat. Ceramic is in the middle: not as strong as titanium but stronger than glass and quartz and it doesn’t conduct heat as much. A good brand of titanium dabbers is Santa Cruz Shredder and one of the few brands of ceramic is HIVE Ceramics.

Titanium Carb Cap

Carb Cap

Heating a nail isn’t as easy as it seems. Many dab smokers have lost out on precious concentrates due to an underheated nail (which leads to slow burning concentrate that can’t be fully inhaled) or an overheated nail (which leads to fast burning concentrate that immediately vaporizes and dirties the nail). A carb cap compensates for dabbing errors by covering the nail and thus collecting any rising vapor. Many carb caps have built in dabbers, meaning you can immediately cover your nail after rubbing on the wax. They also come in the same materials as dabbers, so keep their attributes in mind while shopping. Silika Glass is well known for high-quality carb caps. Check out our article on the benefits of a carb cap if you’re interested in learning more.

Dish and Dabber Set

Dish/Dabber Set

Given that there are so many tools involved with dabbing, it’s a good idea to buy your items in sets. Dishes provide a convenient container to put your liquefied dabs while smoking. This saves you the trouble of having to gather an exact amount of concentrate every time you dab. Glass producers, like Empire Glassworks, go the extra mile and provide smokers with themed dish/dabber sets like this octopus-themed set. These dishes come with loops to give you a safe place to put your dabber when not in use.

Reclaim Catcher

Reclaim Catcher

A recurring element of dabbing is trying to maximize how much vapor is inhaled. With that in mind, most dabbers aren’t big fans of losing precious concentrate oil when it leaks into the joint. This is where reclaim catchers come in; these glass accessories branch off of the appropriate sized joint, and contain a dish that connects to the bottom of the joint. As opposed to leaking down the joint, any excess concentrate will fall into the dish of the reclaim catcher so you can reuse it later. It also keeps your joint from getting dirty from oil residue.

Dank Tools E-Nail Kit

E-Nail Kit

Dab to the future with an e-nail! In times as complicated as these, sometimes we need things to be a bit more simple. E-nails combine the value of a concentrate nail and a butane torch. E-nails come with power boxes that you can plug into any outlet. You can then set the temperature of your choice for the nail and rub on the concentrate when it’s ready. For a high-quality e-nail, check out Dank ToolsUniversal Titanium E-Nail Kit.

Honey Bucket Nail

Honey Bucket

Nothing makes a dab session sweeter than being able to regulate your airflow. The more you close off your vapor and create a vacuum, the more of a powerful inhale you will receive. A honey bucket nail adds some extra assurance that you will get the most out of your dab. To use a honey bucket: heat the “bucket” part of the nail, place a dab in the center of the bucket, lower the bucket into the dome with the handle, then cover with your carb cab. This creates a near perfect vacuum where your vapor has no way of escaping. Make sure your honey bucket comes with its own carb cap, since not all carb caps can fit any honey bucket. With this in mind, DankStop’s Quartz Honey Bucket with Carb Cap would be a solid choice.