Hive Ceramics

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Hive Ceramics is a relatively new company that specializes in ceramic accessories for dab rigs and bongs. Hive was first founded in the back of a head shop in Southern California in 2012, and Hive Ceramics made its official launch early in 2014. Hive uses the highest quality ceramic in all of their nails, carb caps, dabbers, and dry herb bowls. The ceramic they use is medical grade, non-corrosive, all natural, clean tasting, and has amazing heat retention. Another incredible characteristic of their products is that they are chemically inert. So, they don't react with any chemicals whose by-product could be potentially harmful or toxic. If you’re in need of new accessories for your oil rig or water pipe, see for yourself the many benefits Hive Ceramics products provide!

What inspires Hive Ceramics to keep creating cutting-edge ceramic products is their dedication. The company is dead set on helping the vaping community achieve the healthiest and cleanest vaping experience possible. More specifically, they want the taste of your vapor to be absolutely exquisite. This is the main reason that ceramic is the staple of the manufacturing materials. Ceramics always produce the best tasting vapor. Believe it or not, their first round of prototypes easily passed their numerous taste tests. Apart from ceramic's ability to produce amazing flavor, there is only one thing that concerns people: the durability of ceramic. However, Hive Ceramics has addressed this as well. They offer a reduced price point to account for any possible wear and tear.

One of the best tools to acquire from this company has to be the Universal Carb Cap & Stinger Dabber. As flavor is the main focus of Hive Ceramics, this dabber and carb cap does exactly that. When you cover the nail with the carb cap, it maintains the low temperature necessary for the best possible flavor.

When it comes to the quality of vapor, ceramic is the material to use. If you're keen on getting the absolute best flavor, then take a moment to peruse through this collection.

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