Tips For The First Time Smoker

Partaking for the first time is a magical experience, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved with preparation and forethought. Once you got your herb, pipe/paper and lighter, there are a few other items you should probably have nearby before you start. And where and with whom you do it can also affect your first smoke sesh. Here’s just a few of those things to consider. If you’re already an experienced smoker, these can be the tips you give to a friend who’s smoking for the first time

Be In A Comfortable Place

Once the effects kick in, you want to make sure you’re in a place you’re familiar with. Whether you’re relaxed or energized, you want to be in an environment you’re used to so you don’t have to worry about bumping into furniture or knocking things over. Being comfortable allows you to enjoy whatever feelings you have after smoking. Being outside is fine as long as it’s an area you have control over and are safe. Try not to be in a place where people are moving about, as it could cause paranoia.

Have Food And Drink

Smoking can have the effect of making you very hungry and thirsty. Since you might be too relaxed to cook and get refreshments, it’s a good idea to have plenty with you before you start. What to bring? That depends on your priorities: if you’re health conscious, make sure to have plenty of water and fruits. Sweet fruits are often said to taste even better after smoking, particularly mangoes and other tropical fruits. If you’re not health conscious, sugary drinks and chocolate are also tasty smoke foods. While you want to have lots of food, it might be a good idea to have a set amount available; it’s very easy to be so hungry that you over-indulge. Don’t drink alcohol your first time; the combination of smoking and alcohol can cause some to become nauseous. The inebriation can also interfere with the subtler feeling you’ll get from the herb.

Have A Friend With You

Having another person with you adds another level of security and comfort, whether they’re smoking or not. If you need something or have a concern, that friend (assuming they’ve smoked before) can assist you. A significant other can be even better, as you two can then share in the intimacy of the moment. Since you and your friend will probably have some interesting thoughts, you two can have a conversation where you explore each other’s ideas as much as your own. Though having friends around is fun, try to make sure that you’re only around good friends, as having unfamiliar people around might make you more wary.

Take It Easy

Since you’ve never smoked before, taking a huge rip from a 24” beaker bong might not be the best way to start. Everyone has different tolerances and taking in too much tobacco or herb can overload your body. If you’re smoking a cigarette or hand pipe, take one hit and then wait a little before taking another. If you’re using a bong, try to pull hard enough to get some smoke without necessarily filling the entire thing. Even if you have a high tolerance, heavy coughing from too much smoke can cause you to drop your pipe, a big no-no for smokers. In addition, try not to fill your entire bowl the first time you hit your pipe. Putting in discrete amounts disciplines you to not use more product than you need.

Have Something To Do

Smoking can bring out parts of your personality never-before accessed. Whether you’re an artist, a writer or just a talker, take the opportunity to explore yourself in new ways. Have something to record your thoughts and feelings (sketchpad, journal, tape recorder,etc). It’s also a good time to watch a particularly engaging film or tv show. Engaging could mean visually impressive or abstract. It can also mean something cerebral or funny. While certain substances might make you more energized, active hobbies like driving or sports might not be the best thing to do after smoking, as you can run the risk of hurting yourself. Try to find something you can do indoors or in an un-intruded area outside.

No matter how you choose to smoke for the first time, you’re sure to have fun doing it! Just make sure to stay safe and be careful!