All Glass Items

All Glass Items

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Glass is the gold standard for pipes and smoking accessories due to it's clean look, durability and reasonable price. Our glass pieces range from scientific borosilicate glass to colored heady glass.

Whatever type of piece you're looking for, you're sure to find it here! If there is one collection that has it all, this is truly the one. Starting with water pipes, you will find a variety bongs and dab rigs here. Some of our most unique and one-of-a-kind bongs are made by My Bud Vase. Each of these pieces is handcrafted from a vintage vase, and even comes with faux flower for decoration. If you never thought a bong could act as a beautiful piece of home decor, any bongs by My Bud Vase will surely surprise you. For both bongs and dab rigs, we carry some truly unique pieces. Some of these water pipes have intricate themes, while others were engineered purely for functionality. You will find just as wide a variety of scientific water pipes in this collection, as you will themed pipes. One of the most functional scientific pipes we carry is the 13 inch Matrix Barrel Perc Bong. Not only does it stand tall to make a statement, but its percolator is incredible. As do many of these scientific pipes, this one thoroughly filters and cools your smoke or vapor.

Regarding hand pipes, you will find anything from chillums to spoon pipes to steamrollers. As with the water pipes, the hand pipes can also be scientific, themed, or heady. If you enjoy worked glass, Empire Glasswork's Sea Turtle Chillum is worth checking out. However, a good hand pipe for functionality is the Grav Labs Upline Taster. It prevents ash from reaching your mouth during inhale.

Whether you are just perusing around or looking for something specific, give this vast collection a shot. It has everything!