The Silver Surfer: Constant Waves of Tasty Vapor

Silver Surfer Vaporizer


The Silver Surfer Vaporizer from 7th Floor is one of the best dry herb desktop vaporizers you can buy. At $289, the Silver Surfer won’t break the bank despite providing excellent quality and a unique design. In fact, because of its low price compared to other desktop vapes, the Silver Surfer makes for an excellent starter piece. Veterans of vaping will find that the Silver Surfer has everything they’re looking for as well.


Silver Surfer Vaporizer Design


7th Floor Vaporizer

What makes the Silver Surfer stand out is its unique look. Resting in a sturdy mount, the vaporizer part of the Silver Surfer sits at a reverse 90-degree angle and integrates ceramic heating elements. Along with its selection of colors ranging from silver to blue to rainbow, you’ll never be able to mistake your Silver Surfer for anything else.

Another positive of this design is that it makes the base of the Silver Surfer extremely durable. Although the ceramic bowl can still break, handling this dry herb vape with some care is enough to prevent any issues in that regard. If you’re going to be transporting your Silver Surfer, you can keep it safe in the padded storage bag. This is included free-of-charge.

Desktop Vaporizer Functionality


As is standard for most desktop vapes, the Silver Surfer takes up to five minutes to reach optimal temperature. Once you take a pull from this vaporizer, you’ll see why it’s so highly regarded. Thanks to the ceramic and glass heating system, you’ll notice that the vapor that comes through tastes extremely clean.

In order to keep your Silver Surfer tasting fresh, you will need to clean it regularly. However, for the quality of the pull that you get, it’s worth the effort to maintain it. The Silver Surfer comes standard with a three-foot silicon tube that has a glass mouthpiece, completing the natural setup that makes it one of the best-tasting dry herb vapes to hit.

The electrical elements of the Silver Surfer are covered under a three-year warranty. Should any of the physical elements of this vape break, there are plenty of replacement parts that you can buy for cheap or as backups.

Silver Surfer Whip Vaporizer

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer has it all: a unique look, a clean draw, and design versatility because of the many buyable options for its parts. At only $289, it’s one of the least expensive desktop vaporizers for dry herbs on the market. Yet, the Silver Surfer performs better than nearly every one of its more-expensive competitors.