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Zob Glass Straight Tube    At the world-famous Purple Haze smokeshop in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a professor is giving a lecture on the sweetest of sciences. Not boxing or candy-making, this guy is talking about bongs. Specifically, he’s discussing topics such as “what the f*ck is so great about American glass?” and “what the f*ck is a shower head perc?” This YouTube series, appropriately named
What the F*ck with Professor Gill, features the professor explaining different aspects of water pipes and how they should affect your buying decisions. Professor Gill is a great representative for Zob Glass as a whole: an irreverent scientist who is nonetheless concerned with precise engineering. Just ignore the fact that he’s not a real scientist.

    Founded in Southern California, Zob Glass specializes in scientific glass water bongs with a touch of flair. Most Zob bongs feature a beaker body and straight tube made of clear borosilicate glass. They’ve also experimented with traditional scientific glass bongs and have created inventions such as their signature “Wubbler”; a name that would make Dr. Seuss proud. The Wubbler has the advanced percolators of an average sized water pipe combined with the bent neck and low weight of a bubbler. Going along with the theme of small pipes with big power, Zob also has a line of 8-11” “Princess” pipes that give the smoker the value of a full size pipe in a smaller package. They also created the “Zobello” perc, which is a circle disc perc that’s placed near the bottom of their beaker bongs.

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The inventiveness of Zob isn’t limited to just their structural design, as the company also allows patrons to create custom pipes. At the Zob website they state that “personally, we like custom pieces. Seeing the worked glass glistening after a fresh cleaning is some serious eye candy.” And that anonymous speaker was right; Zob’s worked glass pipes (designed by KJ Customs) have the perfect blend of scientific clarity and vibrant color. Appropriate for a company that focuses on scientific glass, Zob’s worked glass focuses on repeating patterns rather than random shapes and colors. These water bongs feature rasta rainbows, color swirls, wig wags, and other artistic patterns. Their non-custom pipes feature the prominent Zob logo branded into the glass.


Many of Zob’s water pipes are reviewed on their YouTube channel by the Good Professor (who just goes by Gill in his offtime). As with the “What the F*ck” series, Gill gives a deep analysis of Zob’s latest creations with his usual calm and relaxed demeanor. Zob Glass’ name recognition speaks for itself, so it’s a courtesy that they still take the time to familiarize customers with their products. This attention to detail helps make Zob one of the most trusted brands in the industry.