Whether a clumsy friend, a poor toss, or just your dogs tail again, every smoker experiences it at some point. We know the feeling — the agonizing pain of shattering your beloved “piece” into a million pieces. In our continued effort to revolutionize the headshop industry, we set out on a mission to help our customers bounce back from this common tragedy...

Introducing PieceProtect™ -- the fastest, friendliest, and most affordable way to protect your smoking gear, exclusively from your friends at DankStop!  

That’s amazing! How does it work?!

PieceProtect™ is an optional warranty plan you may add to any eligible product when you make your purchase. Simply check the PieceProtect™ box on any eligible product page before adding to your cart!

PieceProtect™ coverage is available for many of our select brands, including all DankStop brand products. Protect your glass forever with a PieceProtect warranty!

If you purchased a PieceProtect™ warranty and have an accident, just follow the easy, step-by-step prompts located above and we'll get you smoking again in no time! To redeem your coverage, you need to be signed in using the same account info you provided when you purchased your original piece.

When you redeem your warranty, we'll send you a credit code worth 50% of replacement item price. Use this code when ordering your replacement!

OK, but how much does PieceProtect™ cost?

The PieceProtect™ warranty cost depends on the price of your piece, and ranges between 5-10% of the product cost. PieceProtect™ coverage must be purchased at the time you purchase your piece, and must be purchased individually for each eligible item in your order.

Can PieceProtect coverage be purchased after I've already gotten my glass?

Unfortunately not -- you must purchase your PieceProtect™ warranty at the same time as you purchase your glass.

How long does the coverage last?

piece protect

We stand by our products, so your PieceProtect™ coverage lasts forever! Yes, you read that correctly. If your pipe breaks in thirty years, you're STILL covered!!

What products are eligible for PieceProtect™?

PieceProtect™ warranty coverage is available on all items from the following list of brands: Empire Glassworks, DankStop Products, Nucleus Glass, Ronin, LavaTech, Sweet Tooth Grinders, The Kind Pen, My Bud Vase, Grav Labs.

brands eligible

We’re working hard behind the scenes to offer coverage on more brands as soon as possible.

How do I redeem my warranty?

We make it easy!

  1. Log in at https://dankstop.com using the email or social media account you provided when you purchased your covered product and head over to your My Account page. You'll see all of your covered purchases listed.

  2. Select 'Redeem' on the item you wish to replace and upload a photo of the broken product. Make sure the entire product is clearly visible so our team can process your request as quickly as possible.

  3. Your claim should be reviewed and approved within 12-24 hours! Once approved, you’ll receive an email with a discount code to be used on your replacement purchase.

Can I redeem my credit on another item or does it have to be the same piece?

We know you loved your beloved piece, but DankStop carries a massive selection of over 2000 products! Don’t hesitate to use your redemption coupon on a different product if something new catches your eye. 

Should your covered glass pipe break, we'll give you a choice between 50% off the exact same item, or a discount worth 50% of the original value of your covered glass to be used towards the purchase of a new eligible piece of equal or greater value. If you opt to try something different this time, all of the products from these awesome brands are eligible as PieceProtect™ replacements:

  • DankStop Branded Glass
  • Empire Glassworks
  • Nucleus Glass
  • Ronin
  • LavaTech
  • Sweet Tooth Grinders
  • My Bud Vase
  • Grav Labs

Can PieceProtect be purchased on the replacement product?

PieceProtect™ cannot be purchased on the replacement product. PieceProtect is a one time warranty program, and only covers the original item you purchased coverage for.

Can the discount code I receive through PieceProtect be used with any other coupon codes?

Your PieceProtect™ discount code can not be combined with any other discount or coupon code.