Limitless Capabilities: The Kind Pen

the kind penWith vape pens on an ever climbing rise of popularity, brands that were not involved in this booming market are trying to enter. Why trust these newcomers who are only after the newly tapped money stream when you can buy from one of the most trusted brand names in the industry?

A fellow New Jersey based team, The Kind Pen specializes in handheld vaporizers and accessories for both concentrates and dry herbs. They care more about customer satisfaction and the health factor of their products than their bottom line which is refreshing in today’s world. Vape engineering is something The Kind Pen prides itself on and it shows in their vaporizers.



It seems like everyone has a vape now no matter where you are; baseball game, at the mall, outside of your office, etc. The Kind Pen has a vaporizer for every occasion, featuring many styles, designs, and options to fit your vaping needs. Vaporizers are The Kind Pen’s bread and butter and it is on display with their wide selection.

discreet vaporizer 
Discreet Vaporizer

Featured in one of our weekly giveaways (enter now if you still can), the Discreet Vaporizer is exactly what its name implies. The short, palm-sized portable vape is easy to use and fits in your pocket for quick hiding. Do not worry about it leaking in your pocket or turning on as the vaporizer has a 5-click on/off safety feature. The adjustable temperature lets you vaporize your concentrates at whatever degree you prefer, whether that be high- or low-temp. The direct draw mouthpiece makes inhaling your perfectly vaporized concentrates tasteful and safe.

Fits In Your Palm

Direct Draw

Adjustable Temperature

5-Click On/Off Safety Feature

650 mAh Battery

LED Lighting

0.8mL Glass Tank

Magnetic 510 Thread Adapter

Micro USB Charging Port

Choice of Color


    slim vaporizer

    “Slim” Wax Vaporizer Pen

    Sticking with the strategic designs, the “Slim” Wax Vaporizer Pen has a very thin body making it easy to fit in your pocket. Another easily transportable vaporizer, the ceramic heating chamber vaporizes your wax. The atomizer has dual ceramic rods wrapped with titanium coils. Some people might see the fixed temperature as a negative but I enjoy the simplicity. The vape pen still has the 5-click on/off feature for added safety. The simple analog button and direct draw functionality makes the “Slim” Wax Vaporizer Pen an obvious daily driver.

    Dual Ceramic Rods with Titanium Coils Atomizer

    Choice of Colored Matte Finish

    Ceramic Heating Chamber

    Specifically Made for Wax

    Includes Packing Tool

    Easy USB Charging

    5-Click On/Off Safety Feature

    Direct Draw

    Analog Button


      dream vaporizer

      “Dream” Vaporizer Pen Kit

      This vape kit is certainly a dream for anyone who is willing to pay a little extra. The “Dream” Vaporizer Pen Kit comes with two types of heating elements, quartz and ceramic, and multiple tools. The ceramic chamber is completely coiless so there is no chance of combustion occurring. This prevents your dab vapor from turning into smoke (learn the difference between the two here). Regarded as one of the best portable vaporizers in the industry, the “Dream” Vaporizer Pen Kit has everything needed for a successful dab sesh.

      The “Dream” Vaporizer Pen Kit includes:

      3 Temperature Settings: 350°F, 390°F, 430°F

      Quartz AND Ceramic Heating Elements

      Choice of Color

      Includes Packing Tool, Extra Mouthpiece, Rubber O Rings

      Retractable Micro USB Charger

      Increased Airflow System Prevents Leaks and Blockage

      Lifetime Warranty

      10 Second Auto-Shut Off Safety Feature

      Splatter Guard

      Recommended by High Times Magazine

      Touch Sensor

      1500 mAh Lithium Ion Battery

      Direct Draw


        storm enail bubbler

        Storm E-Nail Bubbler

        Taking a step further into the vaporization world, this concentrate vaporizer functions like a glass pipe and even has its own e-nail built in. The Storm E-Nail Bubbler is a dab rig on the go. Easy to assemble and disassemble, you can take this bubbler hybrid with you almost anywhere. The magnetic stand makes it extremely sturdy for when it isn’t on-the-go. The battery is rechargeable as well. Basically the Storm E-Nail Bubbler is a dab rig that you can take anywhere without all of the hassle of bringing a bunch of supplies and tools.

        Comes with Carrying Case

        Electric Nail Built-In

        Easy to Assemble & Disassemble

        Magnetic Stand

        Rechargeable Battery

        Flared Quartz Mouthpiece

        Functions like a Bubbler

        2500 mAh Lithium Ion Battery

        User Manual

        Choice of Color

        Dome Perc



          Because The Kind Pen makes so many vaporizers and vape pens, they wanted to build cartridges as well so you could get everything you need for a great dabbing session.

          metal cartridge

          Metal/Glass Wick Cartridge

          Probably the best looking out of all The Kind Pen’s tanks, this vaporizer accessory fits any 510 thread batteries, such as the two offered by the brand itself. The Metal/Glass Wick Cartridge combines a metal structure with glass tubing for a double seal. You get to choose the color of the structure; gold or silver. The mouthpiece is removable as is the rubber bottom protector. The cartridge holds .5ml which is plenty for more than a few sessions, depending on your experience.

          Choice of Color

          Metal Structure

          Glass Tubing

          .5ml Capacity

          Low Resistance: 1.8ohms

          Fits 510 Thread Batteries

          Rubber Bottom Protector

          Includes Holding Tube

          Dual Seal Design

          Removable Mouthpiece

          Clear Glass



            the kind pen grinder

            Tri-Level Herb Grinder

            Just because The Kind Pen focuses on concentrates and waxes does not mean it can’t lend a hand when it comes to your dry herbs. The Tri-Level Herb Grinder has everything you need to evenly and precisely grind your favorite herbs. Diamond shaped teeth can be found inside along with a built-in mesh screen and pollen chamber. Inside this pollen chamber you will find a pollen scraper to gather any leftovers. A magnetic top, which features The Kind Pen logo, keeps your herbs securely inside the grinder. Any experienced smoker will tell you why a four piece grinder is the way to go. Completely made out of aluminum, the Tri-Level Herb Grinder comes in your choice of color.

            Four Pieces

            Choice of Color

            Built-In Mesh Screen

            Diamond Shaped Teeth

            Includes Pollen Scraper

            Logo on Top

            Made of Aluminum

            Magnetic Lid

            Pollen Chamber

              Pair the Tri-Level Herb Grinder with one of The Kind Pen’s dry herb vaporizers!



              Although The Kind Pen leans heavily towards helping you with you vaping needs, all of their products can be proven useful. It is refreshing to see a brand that cares about the safety of a consumer instead of only their wallets. Check out the rest of The Kind Pen collection here!

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