KangerTech: A Leader in E-Liquid Vaping

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KangerTech has been one of the leaders in E-Liquid Vaporizers for years. With their inexpensive, high quality vapes, Kanger has become one of the most popular brands in the game. They initially focused on vape pen kits along with coils and tanks for mod kits, quickly building a reputation for innovating with tanks such as the Protank and the Aerotank.

    More recently, Kanger has decided to move into full E-Liquid vape mod kits, starting with the KBOX Mini. The KBOX didn’t set the world on fire, as it didn’t really differentiate itself enough from other options in mod kits, but it served as an inexpensive alternative and helped KangerTech put their foot in the door. Their second attempt at an E-Liquid vaporizer, the Subox Mini, was much better received.

KangerTech Subox Mini Starter Kit

KangerTech Subox Kit

KangerTech Subox Line

KangerTech E-Liquid Vape

Released in 2015, the Subox Mini helped Kanger establish themselves as a
major player in the box mod vape industry. Sturdy and well-constructed, the Mini is also versatile in many ways. It comes in two colors: black and white, and the included tanks match the selected color of the box as well. It has a variable wattage range of 7 to 50 watts displayed on an OLED screen, along with the ability to go down to 0.3 Ohms of resistance. The Subox Mini also comes with two coils and drip tips, allowing for regular tank vaping or sub-Ohm vaping.

    KangerTech’s Mini features a standard Micro-USB charger and pass-through charging, meaning it can be used while charging. With a 4.5 milliliter capacity, you can get hours of use out of this great E-Liquid Vape. You can also optimize your hit to whatever your preference is with the adjustable airflow system, which has three settings that allow you to go from a cool, airy hit to a warm, tight draw, depending on your preference.

    If you’re looking for something that’s smaller but packs the same punch and versatility as the Subox Mini, Kanger’s Subox Nano has you covered. With a 3.0 milliliter tank, the Nano doesn’t downsize too much where it matters, while shrinking down to the perfect size to fit in your pocket. It has many of the same features as the Subox Mini, including a range of 7 to 50 watts of power and a low-end resistance of 0.3 Ohms, but also comes in more colors (black, purple and pink) and has four airflow settings versus the Mini’s three.


KangerTech Topbox 

    More recently, Kanger continued to push the bounds of the box mod vape industry with their Topbox line. Much like the Subox line, the Topbox comes in variations of Mini and Nano. The Topbox Mini has the same OLED display, Micro-USB charging port and pass-through charging capability of the Subox Mini. It also features three airflow settings, but when it comes to power, the Topbox Mini shows considerable improvement against the Subox line. Wattage now ranges from 7 to 75 watts while resistance can go as low as 0.1 Ohms, allowing for optimal sub-Ohm vaping. Coming in black, white and red, the Topbox Mini is even more versatile than its Subox brother.

    The Topbox Nano, meanwhile, retains the color selection of its Subox counterpart with options for black, purple and pink. However, it retains the 0.1 Ohm resistance capabilities of its bigger version while being able to power up to 60 watts. The Topbox Nano also features a 3.2 milliliter capacity tank, which is slightly bigger than that of the Subox Nano.


KangerTech Tanks and Accessories

 E-Liquid Tanks


    Although KangerTech has recently become known for their excellent E-Liquid Vapes, they broke into the industry on the back of their vaporizer accessories. Certain products like the Kanger SSOCC Coils, which come in packs of five and have two different Ohm-resistance options, allow the sub-Ohm vaper to be able to do so with the ultimate convenience. The Kanger Dual Coil Atomizer is versatile enough to fit on almost all KangerTech tanks and allows you to make sure you never run out of atomizers for your E-Liquid Vapes.

    Along with accessories, Kanger has been able to provide customers with high quality tanks as well. The Kanger Aerotank V2 Rebuildable Glass Tank, for example, works with many KangerTech mod kits while being cheap and dependable. It features the same airflow controls as the Subox and Topbox tanks and is compatible with the drip tips that those sets come with. Another option is the Kanger Protank 3, which is also compatible with KangerTech’s drip tips and provides the user with a smooth, enjoyable experience.


    Through their versatility, willingness to adapt and want to satisfy their customers, KangerTech has established themselves as a leading innovator in the field of E-Liquid Vaporizers. If you’re in need of a new box mod kit, Kanger’s Subox and Topbox lines are an excellent, inexpensive way to satisfy your needs. If you need replacement parts for your Kanger kit, or you want to change up your tank experience, they have you covered there as well. With the convenience of their product lines, it’s no wonder that KangerTech continues to grow their reputation in every department that they cover.