How The Nectar Collector Changed The Dabbing Game

how nectar collectors changed the game

nectar collector partsHeat, dip, and sip is all you have to do now that nectar collectors are making their impact on the dabbing community. Usual dabbing is a simple two step process to begin with; heat the nail then press the concentrate on to the nail and inhale. With a nectar collector the nail is not needed. You simply heat up the end of the nectar collector and dip it into your waxes or concentrates. Less parts to manage and not having the dangers of a hot nail allows the user to control the amount of vapor and truly enjoy their dabbing experience.


A nectar collector can be used in any position as long as the end is in the dab or wax. There is no easier way to control the amount of dabbing you want to do. Simply inhale harder for larger hits or take smaller ones at your own pace. With a nectar collector’s portability, it makes dabbing less of a hassle and enables you to easily share with friends, as it is like passing around a glass pipe. Because of their portability, nectar collectors are being promoted in the medical community. Considering nectar collectors can be used in a reclining position if you have a dish, it can be a more viable option for those that are uncomfortable when bending over to use a dab rig. Bring along a glass dish and you can inhale your concentrates wherever. You can buy a stand as well to lower the possibility of an accident leading to your nectar collector dropping or falling. It also will dampen the threat of the tip burning your chosen surface as well as giving the nectar collector a convenient holder when not being used.

nectar collectors

Most nectar collectors can be taken apart for easy cleaning. Some even come with a diffused water chamber for a more smooth hit. These nectar collectors act as
highly functional dab rigs, just without a cumbersome design and with portability as a key factor. Nectar collectors can be made with glass, ceramic, or quartz with the most prevalent tip being titanium. The tip acts as the nail and is heated to very high temperatures so a titanium nail is more capable to withstand that level of heat pressure. Glass nails are intended to be an effective placeholder as well, but are more prone to fractures or breaking. There are nectar collectors that allow for both dry herbs and waxes. If you buy one that is meant for only one of the two, you can buy conversion kits that allow for both to be used. There are also mini sized nectar collectors to choose from if you want something even more compact.

Nectar collectors have changed the dabbing game for the better by expanding on it. Dab rigs are still an extremely functional tool in anyone’s vapor repertoire, but the spike in the popularity of nectar collectors is a direct result of all of the benefits they provide.

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