Innovators of Vaping: CloudV

Smokers have quite a few celebrity icons. Most of these people are associated with smoking (Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, etc) while being primarily known for their artistic work. Then there’s Tommy Chong, who’s very name is used to refer to particularly potent smokables. Chong is known for endorsing the most prominent smoke companies (Futurola, for instance), which includes CloudV. Based in laid-back Southern California, CloudV’s minimalist-style and Tommy Chong’s relaxed demeanor are an excellent match. Chong was so impressed by CloudV’s concentrate vapes that he lent his name to a limited edition of their signature item: The Platinum Vaporizer.

Concentrate Vaporizers

The Platinum is Cloud V's second entry in their vape pen series. It features a slimmer design and a removable mouthpiece tip with a window so users can see their vapor building before inhaling. Chong praises the wax vape for its clean taste, which is achieved by a ceramic atomizer that doesn’t intrude on the natural flavor of your concentrate. All of these features come in a package less than $90, putting it in an affordable range for any vaper. 

CloudV has maintained a consistent level of quality: in their short history they have won 10 awards for Best Product in High Times Magazine. Most of these awards were for their CloudV Classic Vaporizer, which is notable for its “ceramic tornado atomizer” (which has a funnel structure for making loading and cleaning easier) and one-touch operation. The Classic manages to balance stealth (at less than 4.5 inches) and vibrant design, with your choice of multiple pastel and metallic color schemes. This is once again underscored by the vape’s affordable price that’s under $55. The Classic model was the template for the Cloud Platinum and the even more portable Mini model.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

CloudV went beyond their concentrate vaporizer roots with The Terra and Phantom herb vapes. As with the Classic series, these vapes have portable sizes and one-touch operations. The Terra has optimized temperature presets for the user’s preference, while The Phantom has USB connectivity and a convection oven for dry herbs. CloudV furthers its commitment to minimalism by creating pieces that add extra value to their previous models. For example, they produce a bubbler attachment that can be filled with water and placed on one of their vape pens. The piece filters and cools the smoke produced by the vape, effectively turning the pen into a bubbler. In addition, CloudV sells replacement atomizers and mouthpieces, which helps to extend the lifespan of their products.

In an industry that is constantly innovating strange and complex new technology, it’s good to see a company that focuses on the fundamentals. CloudV’s vapes stand out due to their simple function and affordable cost. Combine that with charismatic spokesman Tommy Chong and CloudV looks like it will never go Up In Smoke.