Giveaway - "Yebira" 8" Inline Barrel Perc Recycler


The Ronin Glass "Yebira" 8" Inline Barrel Perc Recycler is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite concentrates, and now it can be yours for FREE! On July 26th one lucky winner will receive this clear glass dab rig by way of a simple and free entry into our giveaway sweepstakes.

Every hit from the "Yebira" 8" Inline Barrel Perc Recycler is diffused multiple times thanks to its innovative design. Between the recycling airflow and the inline barrel perc, your vapor will taste amazing every time you inhale. The dab rig includes a matching dome and nail. Ronin Glass decals can be found on various parts of the oil rig. Known as an up and coming heavyweight ready to challenge the big dogs of the industry, Ronin Glass makes intricate glass pipes that function superbly.

The features of this dab rig include:

    •  Ronin Glass Decals

    •  Includes Dome and Nail

    •  Straw Style Mouthpiece

    •  Bent Neck

    •  Inline Barrel Perc

    •  Clear, Scientific Glass

    •  Dewar's Joint for Added Stability


Ronin Yebira Dab Rig

Don't waste the opportunity to get the "Yebira" 8" Inline Barrel Perc Recycler for free compared to its usual $100 price tag. To make sure you get a chance at saving this kind of money, enter before the 11:59 AM 7/26 deadline.

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