Giveaway - Sidecar Bubbler w/ Spider Accent


While this glass pipe might frighten you with its creepy design, the price tag will totally shock you. For this week's DankStop Giveaway you have the chance to take home the frightening Sidecar Bubbler w/ Spider Accent.

The Sidecar Bubbler w/ Spider Accent is specifically designed to give you a portable water pipe. The neck and mouthpiece branch off to the side of the body, preventing any chance of water splashing back. While you might want your pipe spooky you surely don't want it to be gross. This sidecar design also keeps your face and nose from hovering over the bowl, limiting the uncomfortable heat from reaching you.

The only color on this entirely clear glass bubbler can be found on the fixed downstem. A colored glass spider can be seen crawling up it towards the bowl. This spider comes in a random color but is distinct nonetheless.

An entire list of the Sidecar Bubbler w/ Spider Accent's features includes:

 Clear Glass
 Maria Rings
 Fixed Downstem
 Sidecar Design
 Themed Glass Spider Accent
 5" Height

    Spider Bubbler


    For a chance to win this amazing themed glass bubbler be sure to enter as many times and ways as possible during the 10/24-11/1 giveaway period.

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