Giveaway - Geoffrey the Giraffe Bong


This themed glass water pipe is quite the head turner. Add the fact that it can be yours for absolutely no cost and it might break your neck. For this week's DankStop giveaway, one lucky winner will receive Geoffrey the Giraffe Bong.

Complete with colored spotting and a worked glass face, Geoffrey the Giraffe Bong is both adorable and functional. A fixed downstem is attached to the 14mm female joint. It extends into the bong's chamber, diffusing smoke as you inhale. Four amber glass feet keep Geoffrey the Giraffe Bong from falling over easily. The detailed head acts as the mouthpiece.

Geoffrey the Giraffe Bong has many features including:
 Detailed Face
 Includes 14mm Male Bowl
 Four Standing Legs
 Colored Spotting
 Polished Joint
 Worked Glass
 Deep Bowl
 Fixed Downstem
 90° 14mm Female Joint

    Giraffe Bong Giveaway

    This week's giveaway runs from 10/17 to 10/25. There are a ton of ways to enter, so do as many as possible to increase your chances of winning this adorably themed water pipe.

    Be sure to check out our entire collection of themed glass as well as Geoffrey's brother from another mother, Zak the Zebra Bong.

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