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sweet tooth giveaway
Everyone who smokes dry herbs needs a grinder. Why not try to win this smoking necessity? Five lucky winners will receive a Sweet Tooth 4-Piece Diamond Crest Aluminum Grinder in this week's DankStop giveaway sweepstakes!

Sweet Tooth specializes in higher-end herb grinders and the 4-Piece Diamond Crest Aluminum Grinder is no exception. The four pieces include a magnetic top to keep all your herbs secure while grinding and a pollen catcher at the bottom for any extras that get through the built-in screen. Use the included scraper to gather these particles and really boost your next bowl or roll. Seeing how Sweet Tooth offers their products in such exciting colors, we will let the winners choose what color their FREE 4-Piece Diamond Crest Aluminum Grinder comes in.

An entire list of the 4-Piece Diamond Crest Aluminum Grinder features includes:

 Strategically Placed Metal Teeth
 Four Pieces
 Pollen Catcher
 Scraper Included
 2" x 2.5"
 Choice of Color
 Built-In Screen
 Anodized Aluminum Construction
 Easy-Twist Sections
 Magnetic Top

    Sweet Tooth 4-Piece Diamond Crest Aluminum Grinder

    Sweet Tooth Grinders

    This week's giveaway sweepstakes will run from 10/3 to 10/11. With five winners, there has never been a better chance to win one of our giveaways. Make sure to enter in as many ways as possible to increase your chances of winning this sweet grinder.

    Not one of the lucky five for this week? Don't worry. Sweet Tooth has a wide variety of grinders to choose from including:

    4-Piece Large Radial Teeth Aluminum Grinder

    4-Piece Medium Diamond Teeth Clear Top Aluminum Grinder

    4-Piece Small Diametric Teeth Aluminum Grinder

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