Flash Giveaway! White Turquoise Stone Pipe


In the market for a new pipe that looks beautiful and small enough to take on the go? You can be the owner of this pipe if you enter to win the White Turquoise Stone Pipe in DankStop's 24-hour flash giveaway sweepstake!

Very popular in the Southwest United States, White Turquoise actually does not have much, if any, turquoise in it. The White Turquoise Stone Pipe has deep grays on a beautiful white body. The spoon pipe itself has holes drilled in it for the joint, downstem, and mouthpiece. Included with the White Turquoise Stone Pipe is a mesh screen bowl which fits into the carved out bowl. This hand pipe is truly unique and hard to find, so enter to win quick! Stone coloring can vary.

The entire list of features this stone pipe has includes:

•  Smooth Feel
•  Downstem And Joint Drilled In
•  Detachable Mesh Bowl
•  Gray And White Coloring
• Length: 4.5"
• Width: 1"

White Turquoise Stone Pipe

This flash giveaway sweepstake will run from 1/21 to 1/22. Only one will take the prize! Make sure to enter in as many ways as possible to increase your chances of winning this handy carb cap/dabber.

Didn't get lucky this time? Don't worry. Dankstop has this and other stone pipes like:

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