Everything You Need to Know About Bubblers

Everything You Need to Know About Bubblers:


Silika Slime Hammer Bubbler

Bubblers have been around for quite some time, but they are still one of the coolest and most innovative forms of smoking out there. What makes glass bubblers so unique is their combination of two different existing smoking devices. Bubblers borrow aspects from both hand pipes and tobacco bongs / glass water pipes to generate a glass piece that takes the best attributes from each.

Bubblers utilize a lot of the tools that give tobacco bongs their smooth hits. They use water, which acts as a way to cool your smoke for smooth hits that don’t feel harsh on your lungs or throat. Bubbler pipes also function with percolation systems, just like large glass water pipes. These percs filter, diffuse, and cleanse your smoke to give you the healthiest hits possible. The combination of water and percolation systems allows for a smoking experience that is enjoyable.

Glass bubblers have also swiped some great characteristics from the traditional glass pipe. They both have the extremely convenient quality of being handheld. This allows for easy transportation, portability, and on-the-go use. Bubblers and tobacco pipes also share the common feature of containing built-in bowls as well as carbs. Built-in bowls give you a convenient place to place your dry herbs, while carbs allow you to personally control the airflow of the pipe.

Different Types of Bubblers:

Purr Glass Pocket Sidecar Bubbler

  • Hammer Bubblers → Hammer bubblers get their name from the stand that holds them up. The mouthpiece and the bottom of the chamber sit flat on your surface with the neck leading diagonally upwards to connect to the top of the chamber.

  • Sidecar Bubblers → Sidecar bubblers are bubblers that include a sidecar mouthpiece. A sidecar mouthpiece branches off the chamber and moves on an angle from the side of the chamber instead of the top. The sidecar design eliminates splashback and prevents any water from leaving the bubbler.

  • Sherlock Bubblers → Sherlock bubblers are bubblers that contain the “S” shape that is seen in sherlock pipes.

  • Pendant Bubblers → Pendant bubblers come with a notch and string so that you can wear the glass piece as a necklace! These compact bubblers are great for bringing to your favorite music festival or for just hanging around your house.

  • Concentrate Bubblers → Concentrate bubblers are just what they sound like, bubblers that give you the ability for use with legal concentrates and essential oils.

  • Double Bubblers → Double bubblers are bubblers that contain two chambers, usually each with their own percolator. This design creates an immense amount of filtration thanks to the dual perc system.

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