Why Use a Carb Cap?

carb caps
Carb caps are a recently new addition to the dabbing world, and have become one of the hottest and most popular items on the market.  When dabbing first became popular (before the use of domeless nails), most people used to heat the nail until red hot, and immediately take a scorching hit from the oil rig. Having a cooler nail as well as cooler smoke temperature, provides the smoker with a lighter and more tasteful hit which is more forgiving on the lungs and throat.  This was easier to accomplish with a dome and nail rather than a domeless nail, because the smoker could simply cap their glass dome (which is not hot) slightly with their finger. This provides a thick hit out of the vapor rig even at a very low temperature.

When domeless nails were first becoming popular, you could not take a very low temperature hit due to the absence of a carb cap. It would take too long to milk up and vaporize, and the smoker would run out of breath, losing valuable vapor from their dab rig. With carb caps readily available now, smokers can enjoy extremely low temperature dab hits, ensuring they get the best tasting vapor possible, while also getting an overall safer hit.

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