Cyber Monday Holiday Bundles

Cyber Monday
Stuck on a last minute gift? Looking for a way to save big on a bunch of smoker’s supplies all in one go? With the clock on holiday gifts ticking away, DankStop has your back with a whole bunch of pre-arranged holiday bundles available for a limited time only.

beginner bundles

beginner's bong bundle
Beginner’s Bong Bundle

The Beginner’s Bong Bundle is a great all-in-one smoking combo pack for an apprentice toker or one who’s never owned a bong. The Hexagon Base Bubble Beaker Water Pipe is the perfect hitter for a trainee blazer interested in water pipes without the fuss of too many features. Paired with our Four Piece Herb Grinder and lighter, the whole collection makes up an ideal smoker’s starter kit.


beginner's dab rig bundle

Beginner’s Dab Rig Bundle

Interested in dabbing or looking for a gift for a first-time chemist? Consider the Beginner’s Dab Rig Bundle. It’s the perfect collection for those new to concentrates and includes a dab mat for preparing concentrates, a two-pack of silicone jars for wax storage, a torch, banger nail, LavaTech Standard Double Sided Dabber, and dab rig. What more could a would-be waxer want?


beginner's hand pipe bundle

Beginner's Hand Pipe Bundle

For the newbie blazer looking to put together a sick dry herb setup, the Beginner's Hand Pipe Bundle is a great beginner’s combo pack. This bundle includes a hand pipe along with a pipe case for easy transport and storage. To help the basic pipe smoker get started, this kit also includes a lighter, 4-piece herb grinder, and pipe screens to keep scooby snacks out of your mouth.

advanced bundles

advanced bong bundle
Advanced Bong Bundle

The expert ripper in your life deserves to be honored, and this holiday season you can’t get any better kit for your favorite dry herb aficionado than the Advanced Bong Bundle. This kit comes with a lighter as well as a rolling tray to help the best blazer in your life keep their table clean. The brightly colored Sweet Tooth grinder included in this kit is the perfect upgrade to a typical grinder. But the most impressive parts of this kit by far are the “Essentials” Nucleus Beaker Bong and Nucleus ashcatcher, which together make a killer, dank setup for any expert hitter.

advanced dab rig bundle

Advanced Dab Rig Bundle

This collection is perfect for your favorite picky wax connoisseur. The Advanced Dab Rig Bundle comes complete with a dab mat and a two-pack of silicone storage jars as well as a dabber, torch, banger nail, and carb cap, a combo that would make anyone look like a mad scientist. The piece de resistance for this veteran dabber kit is the Ronin Dab Rig, perfect for percolating a hearty hit of vapor.


advanced hand pipe bundle

Advanced Hand Pipe Bundle

Designed just for the seasoned spoon hitter, the Advanced Hand Pipe Bundle includes a DankStop Lighter, pipe screens, and a pipe case. Paired with a high-quality Sweet Tooth grinder and a conveniently sized hand pipe, this combo makes for a great gift who really knows top-level machining when they see it.


bonus bundle

"prefer to roll" bundle

“Prefer to Roll” Bundle

Everyone knows at least one master roller, and if you’re looking to really impress the hemp wiz in your life consider picking up this rolling-focused gift bundle. It comes complete with a rolling tray, a pack of rolling tips, a 5-pack of classic RAW papers, glass filter tip, a doob tube for stashing your rolls without stinking up the room. The included Sweet Tooth Fill 'er Up Funnel Style Aluminum Grinder is a great tool for dispensing ground dry herb directly onto a rolling paper or wrap and is an awesome alternative to a traditional grinder. The "Prefer to Roll" Bundle is perfect for a college dorm.