• cigarette themed one hitter, made by RYOT
  • RYOT taster bat with cigarette design
  • taster bat that looks like a cigarette
RYOT Brand Logo

Taster Bat w/ Cigarette Theme

Product SKU: RYOT-CIG1
★★★★★ 4 customer reviews
$ 250 + Free Shipping

  • RYOT chillum
  • 3" Length
  • Aluminum Tip
  • Branded w/ RYOT Logo
  • Ceramic Body
  • Cigarette Themed Taster Bat by RYOT
  • Solid Colored Mouthpiece

RYOT Taster Bat w/ Cigarette Theme

Created by RYOT, this Cigarette Bat is sure to get the job done. Its theme adds a stylistic twist to the standard taster bat, one of RYOT's more straightforward products. It is composed of an aluminum tip and ceramic body. As opposed to RYOT's shorter taster bats, this model is considered the "long" size because of its 3" length. Branded with the official RYOT logo above its solid colored mouthpiece, this cigarette themed one hitter exhibits an authentic, discreet design.