Iridescent Gemini Mini Rig
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Iridescent Gemini Mini Rig

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Product Details:
Authorized retailer of MJ Arsenal
  • MJ Arsenal dab rig
  • 10mm joint
  • includes banger nail
  • beautiful iridescent borosilicate glass
  • double ball perc
  • 3mm thick glass
  • wide base
  • unique design
  • flared mouthpiece
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Product Description

In their latest Limited Edition series, we are as excited as ever to release our freshest MJA Colors Collection drop! Feast your eyes on the mesmerizing iridescent electroplated borosilicate finish. From every angle, you will see a different color or shimmer!  

Enjoy Gemini like never before in this brand new, collectible, colorful, and limited offering by MJ Arsenal!

A new standard large quartz bucket (3mm thick) comes with MJ Arsenal's entire dab rig lineup. 

 Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary with MJ Arsenal!

 Houston, We Don't Have A Problem

 The Gemini is the perfect icebreaker to elevate an ordinary session with a sleek and elegant design that you'll want to show off. With its inverted cone base, this handcrafted beauty will turn heads when you're in the mood for company. It's made of high-quality borosilicate glass and features a flat bottom design.

The Gemini is a small, portable rig that is easy to use, and its included quartz banger offers excellent heat retention. It's a great option if you dab in groups or travel often and move your rig around.

This dab rig is featured as a part of our mini dab rig Orbital series, paying respects to those who boldly go where others have never gone. Get ready to skyrocket into outer space with full-flavored dabs and a smooth smoking session.

The Gemini Mini is great for those that enjoy dabbing, as it offers high-quality vapor and exceptionally thick vapor production. We've taken everything that makes a dab rig great and stuffed it into a tiny 6.5-inch-tall package. It's simple to use and looks great, whether you're vaping alone or sharing with friends.

Function meets form with this unit as its double ball design allows you to watch the vapor's reaction as it makes its way through the entire rig. The Gemini's angled mouthpiece provides you with the most comfortable draw, and every part of this rig is made to fit comfortably in your grip.

The Gemini Mini is very well-balanced, and our team has rigorously tested its durability. The flat bottom design guarantees that it stays sturdy and firm while you've got your quartz banger in place, even with a carb cap resting on top.

The entire rig is expertly blown and fused with 100% borosilicate glass, known for its extreme heat-resistant durability. Boro glass is our pride and passion, and we've gotten our glassblowing process down to an exact science. That's how we can confidently say that each rig we ship is ready for years of fat rips.

The Gemini Mini is an easy dab rig for anyone, even a beginner. It’s compact, durable, and hits smoothly. The quartz banger is removable so you can easily switch out the bowl within seconds. This beauty features an inverted cone base which helps minimize water volume while maximizing terpenes.

The double ball upper filtering system ensures no vapor is lost, ensuring you get flavorful hits and enjoy every little bit out of your dabs. These features come together to provide a clean and flavorful draw every time that's true-to-taste and easy on your lungs.

The Gemini Mini is a compact and sophisticated unit with all of the essential features you'd want in a dab rig. Its innovative design provides you with both an aesthetically pleasing experience and one that also ensures smooth functionality.

Thanks to our team's dedication to artistic exploration and creativity, no two MJ Arsenal rigs are the same. As a part of our Orbital series, the Gemini Mini is an outstanding dab rig that celebrates our passion for taking design to new heights.

We created an innovative splash guard to ensure your smoking experience goes smoothly without any pesky accidents. The subtlety of the inverted cone shape matches the base while guarding against splashback and preventing unnecessary messes. The neck angles away from the rig to make your hits comfortable and catch every drop.

This piece is designed with an oil catch to keep your water clean and fresh. The catch is just beneath the receiver, keeping the oil close to the outlet to do cleaning and reclaiming a breeze.

Adding a carb cap from MJ Arsenal will limit airflow while still allowing you to pull crazy hard. With this sort of dabbing, your oil catch fills up slower—an indication that you're getting the most out of each dab.

Base Connected Puck Perc

The Gemini's built-in percolator ensures that every dab you load into it is properly cooled, bringing out the subtleties in your terpenes and allowing you to celebrate their true, full flavors.

The percolator's simple shape distributes bubbles evenly throughout your rig, ensuring you only experience the best flavors your product offers.

Ergonomic Shaping

With a timeless shape and function, this is one of our most simple yet unique dab rig offerings. Its size and shape fit comfortably in small hands, and it’s easy to grip so you can maintain a firm grasp during intense rips.

The double ball provides an aesthetic and functional feature that further filtrates the vapor. In addition to its filtration and splash-blocking benefits, the double ball shape adds weight to the center of the piece. This balances the rig and lowers the center of gravity so it won’t tip over when empty.

Double Ball Upper

The double ball is a blend of form and function. Vapor travels through the inner ball, the puck perc, and the outer ball towards the mouthpiece. This mechanism allows the rig to be much more compact and durable at the same time.

The inner ball catches some oil as it seeps into the rig, making it far easier to clean with a pipe cleaner before the puck itself becomes dirty.

The double ball mechanism creates a unique experience as the vapor hits both surfaces simultaneously. Vapor first filters through the innermost chamber, absorbing heat before passing through the puck perc to the outermost chamber.

This allows you to have a stronger hit that's more efficient. In addition to the double ball, this rig features an inverted cone design that further increases airflow and acts like a splash guard.

The Gemini is a design and function masterpiece, with all the bells and whistles you expect from MJ Arsenal. Its superior engineering and innovative design set a new standard for the dab rig market.

Product Features

flared mouthpiece
Flared mouthpieces have elevated glass around the mouthpiece which make it conform perfectly to your mouth for superior comfort and an airtight seal while smoking.

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