• 45 Degree View of Metal Herb Grinder
  • Disassembled View of Kannastor Tobacco Jar
  • Disassembled View of Metal Grinder
  • Disassembled View of Grinder Mesh Screen and Jar
  • Side View of 4pc Tobacco Grinder w/ Dankstop Lighter
  • Box View of Four Chamber Herb Grinder and Container
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GR8TR Jar Grinder

Product SKU: SKJ-GR8-22
★★★★★ 2 customer reviews
$ 8400 + Free Shipping

  • Kannastor grinder
  • 2.2" Diameter
  • 3.75" Height
  • Anodized Finish
  • CNC Machined Threads
  • Diamond Shaped Teeth
  • High Quality Aluminum
  • Kannastor Herb Grinder
  • Medium Sized

Kannastor GR8TR Jar Grinder

Kannastor's herb grinders are made to last as long as possible and out-grind the competition. This 2.2" diameter Kannastor grinder has a huge chamber for grinding and saving large amounts of dry herbs and tobacco. The grinder is made of durable aluminum so it can last for awhile. Despite its durability it's still a lightweight piece that is easy to handle. Its sleek silver design and clear glass makes it stand out from your everyday run-of-the-mill grinders. Although it is simple to take the 9 piece grinder apart, you won't have to wonder about how much herb you have left as the sections of clear glass act as a window so you can constantly check. The drop through design allows you to always get the perfect grind. Kannastor grinders also have Easy Change Screens that enable for quick cleaning and easier changing. Great for everyday use and storage, Kannastor's grinder is sure to be your go-to for preparing herbs and tobacco.