• Front View of Grinder Pendant
  • Side View of Herb Grinder Necklace
  • Open View of Smoke Pendant
  • Back View of Pocket Tobacco Shredder
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1.25" 2pc Herb Grinder Pendant

Product SKU: SK-M2-PEN2
$ 2000 + Free Shipping

  • Kannastor grinder
  • 2 Piece
  • Branded Grinder
  • Grooved Edge for Easy Grip
  • Kannastor Herb Grinder Pendant
  • Pocket Sized
  • Radial Cut Blades for Maximum Shredding
  • pendant

Kannastor 1.25" 2pc Herb Grinder Pendant

No grinder left behind! This is the philosophy of Kannastor, who designed this 2pc herb grinder with portability and carryability in mind. This piece comes with a beaded metal chain and two magnetic lids with radical cut blades. These pendants are accompanied by a Kannastor sticker and "guitar pick" herb scraper. Pick up this piece and never lose a grinder again!

Pendants contain a small circle that you can put a string through. These tiny medallions can be worn around your neck for a unique look. Some of them can actually function as a glass pipe with easy transportation and portability!