• 250 feet of hemp rope
  • humboldt hempwick, 250 feet
  • 250 foot role of hempwick next to DankStop lighter
Humboldt Traders
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Humboldt Traders - Hemp Wick 250ft

Product SKU: HHW250
$ 1999 + Free Shipping

  • Humboldt Traders hempwick
  • Each Roll is 250 Feet Long
  • Humboldt Hemp Wick
  • Made from 100% Pure Organic Hemp
  • Slow Burning

Humboldt Traders Humboldt Traders - Hemp Wick 250ft

Humboldt hemp wick is made with 100% organic hemp fibers and beeswax. This slow burning wick greatly improves the taste of your smoke, and greatly prolongs the life of your lighters.Each roll is 250 feet long, so you don't need to worry about it running out any time soon.Efficient and effective, these hemp wick rolls were made in Humboldt, California.