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  • Hemplights accessory
  • Built In Hemp Wick Dispenser
  • Fits Mini BIC Lighters
  • Hemplights Spooly
  • Lighter Case
  • Made in the USA
  • Pure Organic Hemp

Hemplights Spooly

This is by far the coolest hemp dispenser ever made. A built in, pre-wrapped spool of hemp-wick dispenses exactly how much you need as you go along. Pop in a mini BIC lighter and you're ready to go. Quit inhaling nasty butane using regular lighters. You'll be amazing at how much better your tobacco tastes when lit with an all natural hemp wick. Available in your choice of white, black, light green, dark green, blue, gray, pink, and purple. Free Shipping on any order in the USA! Worldwide shipping available.

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