• 7th Floor - Da Buddha Vaporizer
  • Da Buddha Vaporizer
  • 7th Floor - Da Buddha Vaporizer
  • 7th Floor - Da Buddha Vaporizer
  • 7th Floor - Da Buddha Vaporizer
  • 7th Floor - Da Buddha Vaporizer
  • 7th Floor - Da Buddha Vaporizer
  • 7th Floor - Da Buddha Vaporizer
  • 7th Floor - Da Buddha Vaporizer
  • 7th Floor - Da Buddha Vaporizer
  • 7th Floor - Da Buddha Vaporizer
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Da Buddha Vaporizer

Product SKU: DBV123
★★★★★ 1 customer reviews
$ 18900 + Free Shipping

Color: Black
11 inches
  • 7th Floor dry herb vaporizer
  • 3 Feet Vinyl Tubing
  • 7th Floor Da Buddha Vaporizer
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Dry Herb Desktop Vaporizer
  • Durable Construction
  • Glass-On-Glass Elements
  • Hands-Free Connection
  • Includes Padded Storage Bag
  • Includes Replacement Screens
  • Made in the USA
  • Quick Heat-Up Time
  • whip vaporizer
  • analog vaporizer
  • desktop vaporizer
  • adjustable temperature

7th Floor Da Buddha Vaporizer

The Da Buddha Vaporizer by 7th Floor is a fantastic desktop vaporizer created for use with dry herbs. This effective and cost-efficient vape is constructed using the highest grade materials and components. This herb vaporizer is made right here in the USA, featuring a durable ceramic heating chamber and utilizing glass-on-glass pieces for the best vapor possible. Because it uses ground glass connections, the Da Buddha Vaporizer is hands-free and doesn't require you to hold the whip in place. The temperature control system allows the user to adjust the temperature to their specific preference that gives them their optimal vapor. For added convenience, the Ground Glass Whip was created specifically to allow for easy removal and insertion of screens. The Da Buddha Vaporizer comes with a 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on the heating element (glass components are not covered under warranty). The Da Buddha Vaporizer has an easy-to-use interface with superb function that caters to both vaporizer connoisseurs and those new to vaping. The first step is to turn on the vape and set it to your desired temperature. While waiting for the herb vaporizer to heat up, grind up your herbs and put them into the ground glass wand. Depending on your heat setting, this vaporizer will be fully functional within 2 to 4 minutes and when the heating element starts glowing you'll know it's ready for use. Connect the glass wand to the heater cover and begin inhaling slowly for optimal hits. The Da Buddha Vaporizer comes with the following accessories: 1 x Ground Glass Wand 1 x 3 ft Vinyl Tubing 1 x Glass Mouthpiece 1 x SSV Stir Stick 1 x Replacement Screens 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Padded Storage Bag Please allow an extra 2-3 days for shipping.

whip vaporizer
A desktop vaporizer that delivers its vapor through a tube called a “whip”. Dry herbs are loaded into a glass wand that is then connected directly to the vaporizer’s heating element. Once vaporized, the user inhales through the whip. Most whip vaporizers are intended for dry herbs, but some have attachments that can make them compatible with concentrates and e-liquids
analog vaporizer
This vaporizer has an analog interface for a user-friendly vaping experience. Most analog vaporizers contain either a dial or a button to initiate and control vaporization
desktop vaporizer
A vaporizer designed for home use. Users inhale vapor through a tube or from a bag that collects the vapor
adjustable temperature
The temperature of this vape can be adjusted to tailor the user’s vaping session to their specific preference